Monday, June 20, 2016

Shuffling Off To Boise

Good grief!!!  It was WAY too early to get up, but Cooper was ready to play and it was rather chilly in Winnemucca.  Not that I slept much anyway.  I knew I had a long drive ahead on never-before-traveled roads.

Actually, I did travel them 23 years ago when I brought a couple of my horses up to Jordan Valley to work with a cutting horse trainer for a week.  Funny how I have absolutely NO memory of the drive either way.  Nothing at all looked familiar ... there was just miles and miles of straight roads, mostly going uphill.  No cactus, just lots of sagebrush.  I turned the stereo up loud to keep me awake, which prompted Jonathan to scream the entire time.

Oregon roads were awesome ... cruise control most of the way.  Upon crossing the border into Idaho however, the roads went to pot.  Not potholes, just not level, so we swayed back and forth most of the trip.  Not to say we were out in the boonies, but only one car passed me in 200 miles.

I had punched the RV park address into my GPS.  My stomach flipped when it told me to take an offramp that I didn't even see on the map.  What else can you do but blindly follow.  It said I had arrived when I got to the fairgrounds.  I knew that wasn't right, so I just kept going until I was totally lost.

Let me tell you about Boise Idaho.  It's exactly like Los Angeles except the traffic lanes are a little wider.  Another mile and I finally found a big parking lot to stop in and call for directions.  Five minutes later I "arrived at my destination".  You were a little off Miss GPS.

The best news ever is my parking spot on the "Golf Course" ... end of the row.  The two foot deep ditch I had to go through to get there was a little dicey, however.  I drove through it at a sharp angle to get to where I could back into the space perfectly without dragging the bottom, while the "parking guy" stood with his arms at his side.

I have to say however, that he gave me the best compliment a girl could ever ask for.  "You must be a truck driver ... you backed in there perfect!!"  I'll take it ... any compliment is a good one in my book!!
This is my front yard where the puppies can roam.  The bike path you see is the Greenway, 25 miles of biking heaven.  Guess I should have brought mine ... it's just hard to find a place to carry it.
Twenty five feet behind the bike path is the Boise River, flowing at maximum rate.  It's VERY swift water, apparently from a big snow melt this last week.  
I spent the evening with my ex-sister-in-law Lynda and her son Travis, along with my two great nephews Tyler (that I haven't seen in 14 years) and Chase.  Tyler is a 15 year old 6 '6" tall fly fisherman/piano player.  Now that's a different combination, but to each his own!!

I'll be here for ten days, exploring the neighborhood.  First on the list ... the Idaho Penitentiary, of course!!  Then, since this is Lewis and Clark territory, I'll do some exploring.


  1. Boise can get hot.Enjoy your time there.

    1. So far it has been in the 90's, but expected to cool down this entire week. YAY!!

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    1. Hahahahaha .... you're AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!!!

  3. The other 39 you're on your own

    1. Good heavens, I think I can only fit in 5 or 6!!!