Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's A Whole New Ballgame

All packed up and ready to go, or so I thought.  In spite of writing stuff down, I stressed to the point of forgetting everything.  The one thought that flew through my mind about being able to purchase anything I needed down the road, did nothing to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Right off the bat, I remembered all the stuff I left in the fridge, all stacked nicely, ready to go.  It's still there.  I guess I can scrape a few months mold off the cheese, but that leftover pizza and the eggs, probably won't make the cut upon my return.  RATS!!!

It was THEN that I remembered Jonathan's food.  Good grief!!  Why am I remembering all this stuff 80 miles down the road??  DOUBLE RATS!!!  I'm happy to say Jonathan seems to like his cage however.  I'm sure his stress level is over the moon with the new cage AND traveling.  It's a whole new ballgame for him.
The trip to Sacramento was a safe and sane one.  Apparently not so much right behind me however, as I got word of a bad accident.  I said a thank you prayer for keeping me safe and asked for improved memory!!  

It's a whole new ballgame with the motorhome.  I have to relearn my order of doing things, not to mention figuring out the television.  Direct TV at home is totally different from Dish Network in the rig.  My first order of business was to call and get my system rebooted.  I had a nice chat with a kid about his two dogs, the weather, what he ate for lunch ... noodles of course.  According to him, their technology experts are all at a main hub in Manilla Philippines, in case you couldn't understand a word they said. Unfortunately, he couldn't fix it so I could watch the latest baseball games without a deposit of $165.  I passed.

While the puppies slept off the stress of the first day in the RV, I drove the short five miles to Safeway to stock up on all the things I forgot.  Apples and bananas for Jonathan, as well as unsalted sunflower seeds.  He's good to go now!!
I'm off early this morning, braving lovely Sacramento traffic, to the Davis area La Mesa RV shop.  Apparently you can fall if the steps fail, so they're placing an additional bracket underneath.  Ugh ... three hours with the puppies on leashes while I wait.  Isn't THAT going to be fun!!  It should give me plenty of time to write down a checklist of everything I need to do, including what I forgot, so NEXT time I'll be a little more prepared!


  1. Safe travels!!
    Liz-Boise, ID

  2. Repairs are stressful,but you have a great summer to look forward to.

    1. Yup ... glad to have repairs out of the way and be on the road.

  3. Looking forward to connecting sometime this summer :)

    1. Definitely Betty ... I'll keep in touch once I hit Oregon!!

  4. At least you didn't forget your camera!!!

    Bob T - Apple Valley

    1. Isn't THAT the truth ... but I thought I left my battery charger behind. I was frantic until I found it. That would have been an expensive replacement!!

  5. Isn't RVing fun ,,,????
    Now that the horses out the gate an on the run
    It probably would have been better for you to have transition to the RV about 48 hours before you left the house,,, better known as yard camping
    That means locking up the house as you were going to leave under normal circumstances

    that way in your motorhome you would've had 2 breakfasters 2 lunches and 2 dinners.that way What did I forget and what do I need ??? From the ???
    After 24 hours in your driveway
    Imagine you come back after one year and walked into your house are you satisfied

    A Visual check list of each room
    When each room is done to your stay here or go satisfaction close the door

    What do I need what did I forget or what do I have for the dogs and the bird
    Checklist for each dog (2) bird (1) What's their routine
    Do you bring everything for books sewing photography hiking and kite ing
    So you see the first 24 hours away from home could be things that you forgot
    In the next 24 hours concentrate on the house The doors are closed you don't need to mess with that room
    Master bedroom did you make the bed anything in there that you may have forgotten
    Master bathroom did you remember to bring your toothbrush
    Kitchen is there anything perishable that you could put in the RV to eat did you check freezer ?? and the Refrigerator ??
    Are you sure you didn't leave the last cup of coffee in the microwave ??
    Yard and security issues taken care of
    Did you shut the water off,,is the gas off,, did you shut the AC,,off or set it,,
    So you see the last 24 hours and only 100 feet away you will have completed all the mental gymnastics

    So it,s north by ?? and onward,,,,enjoy,,,

    1. I'm printing this one out Ed ... that is a GREAT idea for me. Maybe I'll only spend one day in the driveway, but at least it would definitely be a good check if I remembered everything!! THANKS!!

  6. Enjoy Nancy. The restaurant I worked at was just a block away from that Safeway you were at (assuming you are at Cal Expo and you went south on Howe), but it is now part of a fancy shopping center. We forgot a few things too, but nothing that would mold. But we didn't forget the pet food! Hope you can pick up Jonathan's food at a PetSmart or Petco.

    1. Yup Dave, I'm at Cal Expo. Actually Safeway had everything I needed ... mostly fruit for this guy.