Saturday, June 25, 2016

Let The Party BEGIN!!!

It's Friday.  How do I know that?  Because this place is packed to the gills with weekend RV'ers.  If you walk outside, even though it's only 68 degrees, you can hear the jet-engine roar of heaters, accompanied by barking dogs.  My once quiet front yard is now full of tent campers ... seven of them ... packed in like sardines.

Aunt Mabel's blowup queen size mattress is sitting on the lawn with five kids on top of it.  It will make a nice jump house later in the day.  Add to that noise, the cockatoo, the yellow and gold macaw and the stereo system ... you've got a party in the making!!

But first, it was a girls day out as my Outlaw Sister and Nephew Wife met me at the Boise Mall.  I learned a few things about shopping.  You've seen little old ladies pushing small square shopping-cart looking things?  Well they make them in a Mercedes Benz model that rolls along the floor like the best airport luggage ever made.  Hands free shopping ... what an idea!!  In the first hour, it was totally full and overflowing.

I picked up a couple pair of capris and snagged two tops on sale, followed by a marathon makeup matching session (NOT mine) and a stop at Sees Candy.  What's a mall trip without candy??  Mrs. Fields showed up with sandwich cookies, filled with ooey gooey frosting.  I passed on lunch and chose half a cookie instead.  The perfect recipe for a stomach ache!!

After four hours, my arms were three inches longer from carrying around heavy bags ... thus the need for a shopping cart ... so I headed back to the rig to check on the puppies.  They have definitely been short-changed on their playtime, so I leashed them up and went off to the river for a walk.  SO many good smells!!

When we finally hit the river's edge, Cooper walked right up to the bank, and in a move worthy of a gold medal winner, took a flying leap into the water.  NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  I jumped in after him, soaking my new Birkenstocks (probably beyond repair), grabbed his harness and jerked him out of the water.  He looked at me like ..... MOM ... I just wanted to go swimming!!!  GOOD GRIEF!!!  Jessie, who stayed high and dry, wasn't impressed.
Back at the rig, we dried off and played the ball game while I contemplated what COULD have happened.  To get my mind off it, I made a quick trip to the quilt store.  There's nothing like shopping for fabric, to ease the mind.  This red, white and blue one will be made from fat quarters and came with a free pattern.
As soon as I opened my door after parking back at my camp site, I heard it.  Even MORE noise, if that's possible.  Today is the Boise Music Festival (right next door), complete with carnival rides, vendors from all over and lots of LOUD music.  There are the headliners, including Daughtry of American Idol fame, and six stages of local bands, all trying to outdo each other.  I'm hoping to get a few pictures, but professional cameras are not allowed.  I'm not sure if my smaller Nikon will make the grade, but I'll try.  Worse case, I've got a point and shoot and my phone.
The drums finally quit beating about 10:30 and I dozed off.  The sun came up WAY too early this morning.  I'm hoping I can stay awake at least most of the day.  It's Music Festival time ..... ROCK ON!!!