Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Sign Of The Times ....

This is SO me .... sometimes I'm right on the money ... sometimes I'm a few dimes short of a quarter!  No matter how I try to plan in advance, stuff just happens!!
It started out a beautiful day.  With a sunrise like this, you can't go wrong ... until rain clouds form overhead.  Yesterday I was headed up to Auburn to the Needleworks store.  They have everything amazing there, one of maybe only four stores left in California.  I suppose it's just a sign of the times, but the needlepoint of your grandmother is a thing of the past.  That's too bad in my book.
I made it to the Daily Egg, which lives just across the street from this days target.  Family owned, they are one of the friendliest places to eat, with excellent food.  How could I go wrong with eggs benedict, corned beef hash and country potatoes.  
While sitting at my table, I kept an eye on the needlepoint store, but didn't see any movement by 10:00.  Normal opening time, right?  I checked my phone internet service for their website.  Oops ... they don't open until noon.  
I'll eat slow ..... VERY slow!!  But it wasn't slow enough.  No problem said the waitress, just sit back and relax ... you can wait here.  How nice was that??
An hour later, I sauntered over to the store with my stash of unfinished work.  It happened that the owner was there this day ... lucky for me.  She is most helpful, not only getting what you need, but in helping to pick colors and yarns to make your project the best.  

About that time, I saw a canvas hanging on the wall.  How cute is this!!  Another hour and I had everything to complete this one.  Being a nice and helpful sales person got her a big score!!  Don't ou wish ALL stores were like that?  I'm sad to announce however, that the shop is up for sale.  If it doesn't sell by next April, she will close the doors ... and I'll be there for the sale, sad that another one bites the dust.
When I returned to the rig, I called Marina RV Park in Sparks to double check my reservation.  Everything was fine until she mentioned I should be careful of the bad winds.  Yikes!!  That brought on an instant headache!!  I checked my weather app to find high winds (50 mph) in the Reno area in the afternoons.  I should be okay if I head up early this morning, as the winds won't pick up until 2:00 ... or so they say!!  So I'm off on the next leg of my journey!!


  1. To deal with your too close neighbor maybe you should unplug your rig the night before and then when you get up at the ungodly hour that you usually do, turn on your engine and sit there while you play with the dogs and write your blog. After all your just charging your batteries. He's probably too dumb to understand but, karma is still a bitch. Under the category of remembering how to RV did you remember to use the mode switch on your transmission to increase fuel mileage? Jim M

    1. Okay Jim ... you got me! Yes I have a "Mode" button, but have no idea what it's for. I've always just shifted the transmission manually, especially when going up and down hills. Can you explain it to me????

  2. So here we are in tranquil Seward Alaska, a number of folks pulled out this morning, and two doors down, the other side of our new friend Maxine, pulls up a camper. Ok, that can't be too bad...until the three kids, ages 8-13, jump out. Oh, I hope they are only here for one night...

    1. It never fails, right? Just when you were looking for peace and quiet!!