Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Many of you may not have heard about the size of spiders we grow here in central California.  They are HUGE!!!  You also may not be familiar with the Big @$$ Spider of SyFy fame.  Much worse than B-Grade Westerns, the Science Fiction Channel has some GREAT movies with this beauty as the star.  I know, I'm weird ... I'm a big fan of Creature Features because they provide such big laughs!!
You may THINK it's science fiction, but this beast has been living underneath my motorhome for the past couple of months.  She successfully tied all four wheels to the concrete with the stickiest webs I've ever seen.  I'm sure I never would have been able to move the rig forward, they were just too strong.  The problem is in trying to remove them so I can get back on the road.
What we have around here are black widows.  Big, ugly, poisonous, nasty black widows, dozens and dozens who only come out of hiding at night.  This stick holds the web from just one wheel, including all it's mealy bug dinners, waiting to be eaten.  YUCK!!  This just gives me the creeps!!  When you walk by, the webs stick to your legs and you can't shake them loose.

Not wanting to become dinner, I finally got the idea to use my long cleaning wand with a fluffy duster on the end.  It worked .... until a whole tribe of babies that I could barely see, crawled up my hand.  Believe me, I could FEEL them!!  I was dancing around like I was barefoot on hot coals!!  Then I happened to bend down on one knee and saw the undercarriage!  What a SHOCK!!  That girl had the entire underneath covered in webs.  Well RATS!!  It took three more dusters that ended up tightly wrapped with webs, just like her dinner.  
Now laying on my side to reach underneath, I sprayed my Ortho bug/spider killer juice on the entire underside, not to mention the wheel wells and tires.  Since I didn't really SEE big @$$ spider in person, I'm sure she's still there.  No doubt more webs will appear overnight, but hopefully I put a big dent in their production.  I know I squashed many of her babies.  She'll probably attack my house tonight, covering the entire outside in webs so I can't escape.  I'm doomed!!

I also have an overactive imagination!!  Now to finish cleaning the INSIDE of the rig, ridding IT of spider webs and their favorite dinner ... flies.  Next up .... washing the outside, then a quick respray of "not-on-my-rig" bug juice.  I'll also spray the garage and outside the entire house.  This Ortho 12 month spray works really well!!  

If you don't hear from me in a day or two, it means I ran out of juice and I'm in trouble!!  Please call the Pest Control Service, the Army, the Navy and the National Guard!!!

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