Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Sound Of Music ....

I know you want to hear all about the Boise Music Festival, but honestly, I was more interested in the Idaho Baked Potato smothered in sour cream.  Only thing is, this ISN'T a potato.  Believe it or not, it's ice cream.  Don't feel bad, I had to look more than once before realizing it's ice cream rolled in Nestle's quick and covered with whipped cream.  YUM YUM!!!
Back to the festival ... we arrived around 10:30 in the morning, as bands began playing on six stages around the fairgrounds.  This is the main stage where all the headliners play.  I guess I'm WAY out of touch with music, since I only recognized ONE name ... Daughtry ... and that's only because I caught part of American Idol one season.  The Main Stage didn't play until 1:30, so we wandered around the grounds.
There was a carnival to keep the kids busy while the adults sucked up gallons of beer and smoked that funny stuff.  Not allowed of course, but I smelled it everywhere.
We walked down the long street of food vendors and finally settled on barbecued pulled pork and tri-tip.  My advice is to walk around MORE and check out what everyone else is taking away from the area.  We saw several things we thought looked better ... like Egyptian food and Chinese take out. This picture however, depicts the hippie vibe floating around the park.  There was tie-dyed everything, including hair.
The first band we actually sat down and watched was 504 Plan.  They played a combination of old rock and country music and were REALLY good.  I can't say as much for some of the other musicians.
Since we weren't interested in hip hop, we stayed to pick apart the second band.  We were sorely disappointed.  This 15 year old kid can sing and play like you can't believe.  He should be on American Idol ... this kid rocked the house!!
We moved over to the main stage and found Ryan Robinette just beginning his set.  Although the weather was MUCH cooler ... in the low 80's ... we found some bleachers with shade and sat out the rest of the day.  Ryan should have warmed up back stage.  The music was great, but he was so off key it sounded terrible.
This is Andy Grammer.  It didn't ring a bell with me either.  Apparently he was recently on Dancing With the Stars, getting voted off immediately.  I still have no idea who he is, but at least he could sing better than Ryan.  In fact, he sang really great ... and no, that girl is NOT topless.  I knew you would ask.
The invitation must have said "wear any darn thing you want", because believe me, it was ALL there.  From billowy long dresses like this one to shorter-than-short shorts, we saw everything ... literally ... everything.  
This however was my favorite of the day ... a Giants Baseball Bumgarner shirt!!  One long flowing dress in bright yellow was worn by a clairvoyant ... she received messages through her antenna she said.  I'm pretty clairvoyant too ... I knew immediately she was ... lets say "different" ... when I saw her outfit, but I didn't want to be rude and take her picture.  Sorry.
There was probably a little too much beer flowing in the grandstand as this gal took a bad fall trying to get down by walking on the seats with her flip flops.  I'm pretty sure she will have a black and blue spot to rival her tattoos!!  We directed her to the first aide tent, but she declined.
Last year with 107 degree temperatures, everyone practically fainted, so the ambulance team set up a cooling station.  It was a great idea that the kids went crazy for!!
Around 3:00 the crowds began coming over to the main stage to watch Coolio.  That name couldn't be found in the cobwebs of my brain either.  My apologies to this hip hop band.  You're just not my cup of tea.  The guys that ARE hanging around are (please don't be offended) rednecks.  I bet they all have a big truck with a gun in the window ... mostly shirtless (oh yeah) ... which didn't bother me at all.
Daughtry ... a name I DID know ... wasn't playing until 8:30.  That's a little too long to keep my puppies locked up, so Ex-Sis-in-Law and I left to check on them and find a spot for dinner.  Kuna (pronounced Que-na) won the coin toss as we headed off to Enriques for Mexican food.  I really did have more than the marguerita.  A trio of enchiladas was just what I needed to sooth the savage stomach after all that ice cream.  
That didn't work as well as expected ... I woke up with a headache.  No problem ... I'm going to sit around relaxing for the next eight hours before catching up with my only nephew.   

Unfortunately, we have to postpone my fly fishing lesson.  It's at least a two hour drive to get there, meaning most of the day will be spent in the car.  The Boise River would work, but they just released something like 300 thirty inch salmon into the river and the banks will be packed with fishing poles.  That won't bode well for an inexperienced person flinging her hook and line around the neighborhood.  Maybe next time!!  

By the way, WHAT is that NOISE?????


  1. With you on the music???can't understand half of what they say or stand how loud they scream. Where's Alan,Garth,and Tim when you need them. Haha

    1. Would LOVE to have seen Garth ... little did I know, it wasn't over however.

  2. Check out Andy Grammer's claim to fame.
    a fun toe tapper
    Thanks for blog, your writing so interesting.

    1. Thank you so much Don!! Okay, NOW I know who he is!!!