Monday, June 27, 2016

Whats That NOISE???

I hate strange noises.  They worry me.  This is what I SHOULD have been doing this morning, sleeping like Cooper, but the snap, crackle, pop coming from my levi drawer in the bedroom, woke me up ..... at 3:45 am.  It sounded like something electrical, so of course I had to get up and check things out.  Nothing seemed to be amiss ... the heater was still working and my power was up to par.  What in the world??

The problem quickly became a ghosty, but now I was wide awake, as were Cooper and Jessie.  Jess will lay back down, but it's PLAY time for Cooper ... he already found his ball and was squeaking up a storm.  UGH!!
Yesterday morning wasn't much better ... will I EVER get some sleep??  I kept hearing this whooshing noise.  Gosh, is it the neighbor's heater?  Is it MY heater?  I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  I finally opened the door to discover these guys!!  Hot air balloons ... I should have recognized THAT sound!!
The next thing I know, they are right above me, and YES, those are power lines.  Just to show how early it is, that is also the MOON at the top right ... I mean left (YAWN)!!
Although they tried to land in the RV parking lot, they went back up slightly, luckily missing all the power lines around the fairgrounds and landed in their back lot.
The second balloon began to descend next door at the Fire Department.  YIKES!!
Almost down to the ground, he was waved off .... I mean really, what about the fire trucks?? ... and he came whooshing back up.
I never did see where he landed.  This made for two too many EARLY mornings and LATE evenings for this girl.
Just as I thought the music festival was over, they moved even CLOSER.  The baseball stadium is between the fairgrounds and this RV park.  What a perfect spot to have a large ROCK concert last night!!  I can hardly keep my eyes open.  No wonder the park reminds you there are NO refunds.  It was so loud I was sure they had moved just outside my door, so I turned my television up full blast.  Not that it made a difference ... I still couldn't hear.  Gosh, isn't it Sunday evening??

About 11:00 pm I finally dozed off, followed WAY too early by the clicking and buzzing in the bedroom. I've no clue what that was ... all the circuit breakers are fine and I can't find a thing wrong.  Between overeating at my nephews (barbecued salmon and lobster risotto) and lack of sleep, I'm a hot mess with a big stomach ache.  I may have to stay in today and try to catch up on my sleep!!  How boring is THAT???


  1. Could it be your inverter? Ours is under the bed.

    1. Oh gosh ... yes it could, although it's underneath in the bay, that is the general location. I'll have to keep an eye on it.

  2. Those power lines in front of the balloon scared me. Glad that turned out OK.

    1. Me too Linda ... I can't believe they came so close!