Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Extolling the Virtues!!

I was never meant for RV park life.  I guess I like a little too much space between me and the next guy.  Here I am in this great, rather expensive park and who should park next to me, but the Glamping couple who don't have the words "respect your neighbor" in their vocabulary.  You know the ones ... I'm sure you've all run into them.

They parked crooked, almost touching the hookups you see, whereupon they let their engine run for over an hour.  Three more times they started the engine (which is even with that little window in the middle) I assume to level their rig.  They are so far forward I can't make the turn to leave, so I'll have to back out, then hook up my Jeep.  In spite of signs not to park in empty spaces, that's exactly where they put their hummer.  When you're raised in the wide open country, it's hard to be parked four feet from your neighbor!!  I guess I need to get back in motorhome mode!!
At any rate, it really was a great day yesterday, in spite of waking up at 4:15.  My first stop was La Mesa RV in Davis for the recall repair.  They told me it would be an hour, then maybe two and by the time my appointment was made, they told me I had to wait for it, about three hours.  I was expecting the worst, with two dogs in tow.

The minute I walked in the door, I was greeted by three young girls who were nice as could be and made me laugh, in spite of scratchy eyes and a headache.  Those girls should get a raise!!

Amazingly, the puppies were little angels (that's a shocker!!) and just sat on the couch quietly.  In spite of eight rigs parked in front of the service door, the Rep kept me informed of what was going on.  The next time he stuck his head in the door, he said they were done.  Are you kidding me?  45 minutes and you're done??  That's GOT to be a record.  I couldn't believe my ears.  

That's TWO LaMesa repair shops in a row that have done great work (Tucson was the other).  How cool is that???  I wrote another review on Yelp extolling the virtues of this establishment.  I know every experience at LaMesa isn't good, but THIS time was awesome!!
Back at the RV park, I gave Jonathan a stick for being such a good boy and not biting anyone's fingers off.  The fact that he's eating and chewing means he coping ... so far anyway.
Since I was back in the park and set up by 10:00, I made the two mile drive to the quilt store, where I found this great Farm Girl Vintage pattern book.  Somewhere down the road I'll pick up scraps to use in making this quilt at home.
Cooper and I snoozed the rest of the afternoon while Jessie kept watch.  Except for the occasional bark fest at passers-by, they've been good.  I think it takes them less time to acclimate to the motorhome than it does me!!
Today I'm heading up to Auburn to one of only two needlepoint shops I know of.  I'm short of thread to finish three projects I've been working on.  Eggs benedict at The Daily Egg should start the day out right for me!!  


  1. Who says Jonathan isn't coping well?

    LA Mesa employees managed to get this exclusive, secret clip of Jonathan while they were inside the RV, performing repairs. Sounds like he is enjoying the RV life-style and his new surroundings !!!


    1. That was TOO funny! And it's exactly what they do ... especially if you are in the other room, out of sight!! Jonathan got a kick out of it also ... he even talked back to him!! Thanks Robert!!!