Monday, June 6, 2016

Speaking of SCAMS!!

Have you noticed just how many scams are out there?  Maybe it's just a sign of the times, with internet and cell phone service making contact so quickly available.  I've had my email address for many years and it only has to get into the wrong hands just once, to become inundated with scammers trying to separate you from your hard earned money.  Here's just a few I've received in the last week.

YOU QUALIFIED!!   Congratulations, you've just been qualified for a $50,000 loan, interest free for 90 days.  Just fill out this application and you're on your way to purchasing your life's DREAM!!

YOU WON!!!   $100,000 will be deposited into your account TODAY!!  In order to collect this amazing cash prize, please send your account number and social security number for processing.

WITHDRAWAL!!  The $17,000.00 withdrawal you authorized has been deducted from your account.

TRANSFER APPROVED!!  Please verify your bank account number and current information in order to allow this transfer into your account.

TRANSFER APPROVED!!  Please verify your bank account number and current information if you did NOT authorize this transfer OUT of your account.

INHERITANCE!!  Please contact our office with your bank account number so we may process your inheritance immediately.

NEIGHBORHOOD ALERT!!  A pedophile has just moved into your neighborhood.  Please verify your personal information so we can keep you informed.

ATTENTION ATTENTION!!  IRS has just issued a warrant for your arrest for non-payment of taxes.  Please verify your bank account number so we can protect your assets.

FREE SOLAR INSTALLATION!!  You've been approved by a US government program to receive solar panels for free!!  Just fill out this application, along with your credit card number and code for secured verification.

I get these silly emails every day, not to mention all the phone calls I receive.  The Withdrawal one caught my attention enough that I immediately checked my accounts.  Never ... and I mean NEVER click on any of these scams.  At the County where I worked, our system was set up to notify us when emails were opened (clicked on) by the recipient.  That meant we knew it was a good email address.  I've no idea if these guys can do the same, but I'm not taking any chances.

The neighborhood alert got my attention also, but I still didn't click on it.  If any of these were real, there are other ways to verify the information .... like calling your bank or doing your own internet search.  Unfortunately, that still doesn't keep the wolves at bay, as evidenced by THE BED transaction.

There's lots of bad people out there ... don't let them get their sticky fingers in your pocket.  ALWAYS be wary and vigilant and NEVER click on any emails unless you know the sender.

As for the phone calls, the "KBNX - You're ON THE AIR" response seems to be working rather well!!  I just LOVE it when they hesitate just before they hang up!!


  1. I worked 47 years in the grocery business one of the things I did was to box up the food shelf donations it was interesting that I would find items from the food shelf in the donation bin as they had a sticker on them from the food shelf so they could not return it to the store for cash.or the time a friend had to help at food shelf part of a class had to help them take there bags to the car one woman had new Cadillac Escalade with bags from many department stores. There are more stories I could tell this is there full time job to scam the system or the many charities the what your money and it mostly goes to salaries,Like the old saying goes charity stats at home.

    1. It's disheartening to see things like that happen, especially when there are people out there who can really use the donations. I only hope they get questioned at the Pearly Gates ... I'd love to hear their answers!!

  2. If my phone does not identify the caller, I do not answer that call. If they don't then leave a voice mail I'm doubly glad I didn't answer it. I figure the only people from whom I want to hear are on my contacts list so they get identified.

    1. Some times I'll look the phone number up on a reverse phone number look-up site and it will indicate it's a scammer. I also don't answer if I don't recognize the number.

    2. That's right Linda ... I rarely answer if a name doesn't pop up, but for awhile I was getting so many, it was annoying!! It was rather run to annoy them in return!!

      I've never heard of a reverse phone number site, Marsha. I'll have to check that out!!

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  4. Did you get the email that I sent you that you just inherited $475 million
    From your uncle down in Uganda
    Or was that Swahili
    Anyways if you send him your bank account number he'll send you the money And he'll only charge you $2000 Because your uncle was so nice to him Right
    But the other ones that are good are on craigslist
    Like a 2007 travel trailer mint condition $2500
    No it does have only one photo on the listing when you Reply to the ad which is an out-of-state telephone number you give you a big dance about somebody somebody got a divorce agreement Call grandma got run over by a train
    But if you send them $1000 they will ship the trailer down to you at their expense and have you try it out for 10 days if you're not satisfied you could have your money back if you're satisfied send him the rest of the money
    Now my daddy used to say if it's too good to be true or was that somebody else whatever but anyways it's too good to be true but they are plastered all over craigslists it is not just RVs it's cars job everything
    Oh and by the way I have 40 acres of vacant land in Manhattan if you know anybody wants to buy it,,, It's only $5000 Such a deal I'll make
    You just have to remember that this is a quick sale will not be repeated again unless I decide to sell the bridge to go with it
    Enjoy your scam day

    1. That's it!!!!!! I just KNEW I was going to inherit millions ... only I doubt there's $475 million in ALL of Uganda!!! Hahahaha
      Yup ... you've run across some crazy ones too!!