Sunday, June 19, 2016

I'm In The MODE!!!


Should I go or should I stay?  That was the question yesterday morning when I couldn't decide whether to test the windy road or move three reservations around and stay one more day.  The little trees in the Sparks Marina RV lot were bent in half around 6:00 am as a storm passed through.  I decided to stay.  By 7:30 the wind quit.  Come on Nancy, be BRAVE!!  I decided to go.  By 8:00 I was on the road to the big city of Winnemucca!!

Since learning from Jim there was a MODE button for my transmission that I should probably be using, I did a little research on the web.  In simplified terms, if you hit the button and keep the little red light on, the engine will stay in the lower RPM range, using less fuel.  Less fuel is GOOD!!

If traveling on flat roads, there is basically no difference.  If on rolling hills however, lower RPM's will save you fuel, as long as you keep an eye on the temperature and don't let it overheat ... in which case you need to shift down manually.

I tried it ..... it worked!!  I got 13.9 mpg on the 2-1/2 hour trip from Sparks.  My normal on flat pavement would be 12 if I'm lucky.  That's a nice increase ... thank you Jim!!!  Guess I'll just stay in the MODE!!

In no time I arrived safely in Winnemucca, in spite of the occasional windy gusts.  This is Wingers Casino and restaurant, with an RV park including 120+ spaces located North of town.  The laundry, shower and restrooms are immaculate.  The pull through sites, $37 a night, are paved, perfectly level and have full hookups.  Gambling must be doing well because this is so new you can't even find it with GPS.
Being kind of early, it was a ghost town, but eventually filled up.  The winds have continued in the 20 mph range, making it nice and cool.  Pretty much I have no intention of coming this way and staying here again, but you never know.  
Across from me are back-in spaces on gravel.  In the afternoon, I watched a poor guy try to back his fifth wheel into the space you see to the left.  He was having a bad day, to say the least.  For me, it's AWAYS worth a few extra bucks for a pull through.  If you need a park model, there are probably 100 here to choose from, as well as smaller rooms for rent.  There's a LOT of money in this establishment!!
I'm leaving early ... according to the weather report, the winds have calmed down.  Heading north, I should be in Boise by the afternoon.  Look out ex-sister-in-law ... the Kissack Menagerie is headed your way.

Today I qualify for not one, but TWO loans of $28,500 each, and that Fed Ex package I ordered couldn't be delivered without a large deposit, refundable when I sign for the package.  I'm not going to worry at all about that HUGE lawsuit IRS just filed on me for non payment of taxes.  


  1. A little tip
    If you can't find it on your GPS you can find it on your Smart phone
    With Google or if you could eat it-play with it-wear it- or buy it Trip visor is it good bet you'll find it
    And then transfer the address to the GPS
    Wingers roadhouse bar and grill is a chain Restaurant in about six states
    And the RV park does look pretty cool but I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it would've only cost you $17 with passport America,, which is better than good Sam

    There's also another wingers with casino in Elko up north of you

    Oh and by the way I did a search for you,you would be tickled happy to know there are six quilting shops in Boise Idaho alone
    That'll give your happy feet for the next six days
    Along with 40 more around the state but the search is for you to do
    That'll be the end of July before you get out of that state
    Joy your day
    Bummer I just realize something she's now got me looking up quilt shops

    1. Hahaha ... quilt stores YAY ... but you didn't give any locations!! I debated about Passport America. For $47 I could have saved $17, but mostly the places I've stopped don't honor them, so I finally let that membership go.

  2. Nancy, how do you check the fuel mileage? I know there is way but have not figured that out yet. Thanks. Jim M

    1. My in-dash computer actually computes it for me. Every time I fuel up I zero everything out. Or, after flipping through many displays, I can find the total mileage today, divided by the total fuel used today. It's a pain to zero it all out every time, but worth the effort.

  3. We also have a Phaeton, but have never gotten the fuel mileage that say your getting. The very best has been 9 mpg.

    1. Tom I have a 36' Phaeton (actually measures 38'), with the biggest engine. I'm really light weight compared to most and I try not to keep the bays full. I tow a Jeep Liberty, also very light, and I drive 55-58 mph most of the time. If I kick it up to 65, the mileage goes WAY down. The second leg into Boise, mostly uphill, got down to 11 mpg.

  4. You get the most interesting spam.

    1. Isn't that funny Linda? You look up one thing ... like getting a prescription in Canada, and all of a sudden I'm on 20 more email lists!!