Saturday, June 18, 2016

Stuck In My Car ..... HELP!!!

After a nice quiet night in this beautiful park, I headed out to the second of two quilt stores, both named Windy Moon.  The smaller of the two had WAY too much modern stuff for me.  I set my GPS and I was OFF.  Little did I know what I was driving into.

When I finally arrived at the destination, I was a little unnerved by the older industrial part of town, although there was a Ramada Inn a block away.  It appeared the store was in an old bank building, pretty run down and CLOSED.  I decided to sit and wait the ten minutes until it opened.

As I looked around, I was surprised to see topless bars on every corner.  In no time, strange people started walking down the street.  I double locked the doors.  When the old yellow van pulled in behind me, I picked up my phone to speed dial 911.  About that time, this gal came from the parking lot.   The black car immediately pulled over and rolled down the window.  

Now I may be from the farm, but I'm pretty sure I know what's going on here!!  She apparently said NO as she walked by my car mumbling, trying to pull her skirt down along the way.  She must be pretty popular because in two seconds, a green truck immediately pulled over.   He scored, as he drove into the parking lot and she followed.  

I am NOT getting out of my car.  A few more unsavory types walked by as I considered whether to stay or leave.  I finally called the shop to make sure they were open and RAN inside!!
You never know what you'll find in a quilt store.  This one had an unusually large collection of Civil War fabrics and patterns, along with many collectibles overhead.  It was a pleasant surprise checking out such a huge shop chock full of fabric.  After the purchase of this quilt, I realized I had to get BACK in my car, if it was even still there!!    
I checked my watch, hoping I was past the selling hour, only to find it completely blank.  Uh oh .... my charger is with all my running gear, which I left home.  Well for heavens sake!!  I made it to the car without incident and back home, I scrounged around for an hour, just to make sure I was right in my assessment of the "no charger" situation.  After a quick internet search, I found Scheels, about a mile away.
This place is like Outdoor World, only bigger (and no street walkers).  They even have a ferris wheel inside, plus the usual fish tanks and stuffed animals.  I purchased a great watch, solar powered so I didn't need a charger and headed home.  THEN I read the directions.  It had to be in the sun every day.  If not, you have to take it off and leave it in a window for 4-5 hours.  Well that's just not going to work for me.
Back to the store, I exchanged it for a Timex with BIG numbers so I can actually read it.  
On the way home the second time, I stopped at the Marina for a picture.  My first thought was "how could there be a marina in Sparks"?  Here it is ... a very large fresh water pond, surrounded by beaches, playgrounds and picnic shelters, including an occasional duck.  They even have little sailboats for rent.  
I'm supposed to leave for Winnemucca this morning ... tourist capital of Nevada.  Not really, there's absolutely nothing in Winnemucca but some casinos and cactus.  Not sure if I'm going to make it however, since the winds have picked up considerably.  If it's not better by 9:00 when I plan to leave, I'll have to stay another day.  No, I'm NOT going back to the quilt store!!


  1. Reminds me of the first time I went to Las Vegas, about 1982...was in front of Caesars Palace to get a picture and I hear, "Mister, Hey Mister..." I turn around and see this lady in a green pinto pulled up to the corner. I walk to the car and say, "I don't know where anything is because..." "Hey Mister, You want a **** ***?" I thought I was going to die, turned five shades of red, and said, "No...No...No". As I drove around Vegas later I realized the streets were full of goodness

  2. Bummer your haveing all the fun,,,,,,she wouldn't last five minutes in Florida with that jacket on

  3. Joe's mom was 93 the last time we took her South with us for the winter. We stopped at Sheel's and she wanted to ride on that very Ferris wheel. The Person operating the ride was so tickled about her, and no one was standing in line so they let her ride and ride until some one finally came in line. The sales people around the wheel were watching and some took pictures with their phones... she was having the time of her life.