Friday, June 17, 2016

Some BIG Surprises!!

As usual, I was up early, relishing the thought of starting my engine for my neighbor who came home VERY late and slammed all four car doors.  Bad Nancy!!  Having checked on the expected 40-50 mph winds in Sparks and Reno, I wanted to beat the afternoon breezes.

With only a three hour drive however, I forced myself to sit still until 8:00.  Taking into consideration the traffic, the wind and the horrible concrete Highway 80 going over the mountains, I figured to arrive by noon at the latest.

That's funny ... traffic was all going the opposite direction.  I breezed right along at 50-55.  That was a NICE surprise!!  Expecting to hit that rough road with huge potholes any second, I slowed a couple of times when I didn't even have to.

Next thing I know, I'm in Truckee ... well not IN Truckee ... when did they build the highway AROUND the town?  I kept on trucking, knowing the teeth jarring sections were still to come.  My jaw is sore from clenching in anticipation!  Next thing I see is the Reno sign.  Apparently the highway has been completely rebuilt since I was here four years ago ... and it was smooth as a baby's bottom!!

I fueled up at TA, $2.77 a gallon, compared to $3.77 at my local station, then drove less than a mile to the Sparks Marina RV Park.  WOW!!  Another big surprise!!  What a beautiful park this is!!  The spaces are wide enough you can't hear your neighbor, perfectly level concrete and extra wide spaces to park your car.  There's all the amenities, pool, hot tub, clubhouse, laundry and the nicest people!
This is NOT your $15 a night park however ... it's $43 ... but sometimes you just need to splurge.  They even keep the trees cut way back so they don't hit your rig ... another big surprise!!  The downside is the dog park is quite a walk away, and since all the green grass is FAKE green grass, poor Cooper and Jessie have to run for their lives to make it in time.  Don't tell anyone, but last night I let them go in the bushes next to my rig.

With no plans to gamble, I headed off to the nearest quilt store where another big surprise happened ... I didn't buy one single piece of fabric.  I DID find BJ'S BBQ however, and picked up dinner for the next two days.  Half a barbecued chicken ... YUMMY!!
My normal sides ... mac 'n cheese and slaw, along with a nice piece of tasty cornbread, all for $13.
Here's another big surprise.  I've never been able to get cactus to bloom ... or much of anything, to be honest.  Look at this baby though!!  She's traveling with me this trip, putting out a long spire that hopefully will have flowers on the end of it sometime soon.
No surprise at all, Cooper and Jessie crashed after the stressful drive and running back and forth to the doggie park.  Finally, a little peace and quiet for me!!  
I found two more stores with fabric in close proximity, so I'm staying an extra day to check them out and enjoy this amazing park.  It's a lovely 58 degrees this morning ... definitely MY kind of weather!!


  1. Regarding the Mode Button. Allison transmissions are made for about 38 different types of equipment. On our RV's if you push the mode button it means overdrive. It will shift to a higher gear at a lower rpm and it saves gas. First learned about that at an RV rally and it was confirmed at Camp Freightliner in South Carolina last month. You should hit the mode button and make the red light come on every time you start the engine unless you are climbing mountains. Assuming you have a Freightliner chassis under your RV you should look into it. Two days of classes on what is down there, how it works and how to use it and maintain it. The classes fill up very quickly. They announce the schedule in mid November and there are a few on the west coast. When we left for our current trip it took me several weeks to remember the mode button. Jim M

    1. Thanks so much Jim ... I searched on the internet and read up on it. I already get great mileage, but apparently it could be even better!!

  2. A current presidential candidate says that the first thing he will do upon election is to ban all shredded cheese in this country.

    He wants to make America grate again !

    This post is not to go pasteurize.


  3. I called many parks in Pennsylvania to find a park for the 4th. Most of those are 45 and up a night. They don't even have 50 amp and have trees everywhere but no cable.

    1. WOW!!! That's pricey Jan. Guess it's not so bad here after all!!