Friday, June 24, 2016


Being the animal lover that I am, what better way to spend a morning than checking out the locals around Boise.  As safaris go, this wasn't the best I've ever been on, since no one volunteered to haul all my junk around, nor could I even con anyone into doing it for money.

Not the biggest zoo in the country either, but even though everything was covered in mesh and screen, making photography difficult, the animals looked happy and healthy.  This Cottontop Tamarind stared me down when he saw the camera.  Say CHEESE!!  Nope ... that wasn't happening.  This was more of you're in MY territory!!
You generally see Coatis at zoos, but you DON'T generally see THIS!!  Mom was outside by a tree when baby one slid down the ramp to the ground following her.  Next thing we know, baby 2 and 3 follow the first.  Baby four thought the ramp was too steep and just sat in the doorway.  Mom corralled the three and nosed them up to this tree trunk where she showed them how to climb.  These two got the message and actually made it up to a cross limb that went straight back to the front door.  It's fun to see mother nature teaching her babies how to climb.
Then we came to these monsters.  I'm sorry, but they just give me the creeps.  Madagascar cockroaches just need to stay in Madagascar!!  I KNEW you'd like this picture!
Aren't you glad I didn't show you THIS one?  Oh MAN ... they give me the shivers!!
Much more dangerous, this guy doesn't bother me at all.   At least he won't crawl around in my pantry.  This Komodo dragon didn't look too happy, although he was fat as a pig.  
The cutest face on safari was this little baby who sat contemplating life as his playmate spent 20 minutes swinging from branch to branch, as we watched.  They are currently working on improving this zoo.  The layout is different from most ... you are always walking into a dead-end and have to backtrack.  That's probably by design so your kids will want to ride the carousel at least twice.  
The tigers were all laying flat in the tall grass until this one sat up and began his kitty bath.  Unfortunately for photographers, the glass is thick and dirty ... you know, the usual at zoos ... and he came out a little blurry.  There were three big lions, two of which rolled over on their backs just as we walked up.  I'd show you a picture, but I'd probably get thrown off the internet.  Lets just say the male must have been having some sexy dreams.
Here's my great nephew Tyler feeding the goats.  For a quarter, you can get a handful of pellets and feel their soft little mouths.  Two were prego I'm sure.  The llama didn't care too much for the pellets, but scratch her back and she would follow you anywhere!!  We spent more time with the goats than anything else, as evidenced by my wallet being $5.00 lighter!!  
I spotted this guy in a tree branch having a snooze.  He blends in so well, he was hard to see.  Squirrels are everywhere, providing hours of entertainment.
One of the best displays is the butterfly experience.  There are probably thousands inside as you walk along a little path.  They land on YOU as well as the flowers and cut up fruit.  Really, this was pretty spectacular!!
I spent an hour trying to find the name of this one.  The kids that were working for the summer called it a glass wing, but I suspect that's not correct.  The zoo was full of kids who applied and were hired to work the summer months keeping tourists in line and butterflies off their clothing as they exit the building.  My nephew will apply next year.
This definitely reminded me of the trip Patty Chance and I took to Costa Rica where we saw millions of butterflies being raised for shipment to facilities like this.  
It's fascinating to watch them fly all around as you try to get pictures.  Boy did they love the flowers in there!!
The usual forest dwellers were hanging out ... zebras in their prison colors sleeping after breakfast.  
Here was two of the biggest porcupines I've ever seen.  They were almost as big as a labrador dog.  The male on the left was trying to break through the door to his bedroom.  Just too much light out here I think ... I know how you feel baby.
For a few bucks, you can hand feed the giraffe, but it was getting late and VERY hot.  Not bad if you are in the shade, but the sun will cook you to well done in a matter of minutes.  
One of their newest additions is a jelly exhibit which just happens to be near a people feeding station.  Order the chicken tenders ... trust me on this one.  My personal pepperoni pizza was cold in the middle ... meaning the cheese wasn't even melted.  Hey ... it's a safari, right?
All in all, a very nice zoo.  They spend a lot of money doing good work for the animals in the wild, like moving elephants to greener pastures to ensure their survival.  I like that.

I played couch potato for the rest of the day.  I'd probably be trying to bake something other than myself, but I do not have a sewer connection, meaning for ten days I have to be pretty conservative on the water.  Coming up ... mall shopping, quilt stores and the music festival.  I would love to say that the weatherman was right and it's going to be in the 70's for the weekend, but he hasn't been even close to right the last four days.  I won't hold my breath.  An air conditioned mall sounds pretty good right now.

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