Tuesday, May 31, 2016

No See-Ums ...

I'm not sure why we call them no see-ums because I saw them just fine at the shooting range Saturday.  As the weather heats up and the grass dries to crunchiness, the little black gnats come out in force.  I know that's how it is ... so I went prepared with sunscreen and OFF.  I didn't use enough of either.   Although I did smell rather peculiar from both, it wasn't enough to keep them away.  Maybe THAT was the attraction.

I've since discovered those familiar itchy bumps on my neck, elbows and knees that will drive you crazy .... or maybe crazier!!  In the old days we had calamine lotion ... now we have Tea Tree Oil.  Works like a charm, as does prednisone if you happen to have a tiny bit left from a prescription.

I spent most of Memorial Day wondering what to do.  In my book, there's nothing worse than just sitting.  I get bored quickly and start texting everyone I know!!  With the temperatures expected to be in the hundreds all week, I decided to turn off and unplug everything I possibly could to allow for my vacuum-like air conditioners, sucking up electricity like the dust bunnies under my bed.  Between that and the sprinklers, just trying to keep the grass alive, my electric bill will be through the roof!!  Thursday ... 105 degrees.

I knew everyone would be barbecuing for the holiday, so I decided to try out the recipe for ribs I got from one of the Chefs at the Elks Lodge.  This one is SO simple.  Season liberally with your favorite spice ... I think they use Pappy's, but I tried some Carolina rub I picked up back East.  After sitting for at least 30 minutes, throw them on the barbecue for ten minutes per side, just to get some smoky flavor and a little brown.

Next up, wrap them in heavy foil and put them in a 200 degree oven for 4-5 hours, until they reach 170 degrees.  Good thing I checked them a little early ... four hours and they were done to perfect tenderness.  I can't believe I didn't eat the whole thing!!  These ribs were even better than those I cooked in the smoker!!
I threw together a large salad to eat first, hoping I wouldn't overindulge in ribs.  It worked!!  I actually have enough for TWO more meals.  YUM YUM!!!!!  Notice I used the good china.
In support of a friend from my old office, I watched the Stanley Cup Finals last night.  That's ice hockey ... another BIG sporting event this weekend.  I immediately remembered why I'm NOT a hockey fan.  The noise alone is so deafening and irritating ... and I had turned the sound down!!  Half the time I couldn't even tell where the puck was.  They kept saying "they missed that shot" ... heck, I couldn't even tell there WAS a shot!!  

All the hullabaloo is about the San Jose Sharks ... this is the first time in franchise history they have MADE it to the finals, so I figured I would hang in there until the finish of the first game.  The second they lost, I changed the channel.  At least I can say I watched!!  Aren't there six more games??

Cooper and I spent the rest of the night watching creature features ... B-grade chiller-thrillers with bad acting and even worse story lines.  You know, the ones where the kids in the forest have a choice between the running car or the cabin with the scary monster ... and they always chose the cabin???
Since I began this blog, I've discovered three more bites ... wrist, knuckle and under my watch??  There're going to love me at the Magic Kingdom of Bingo tonight when they smell my newest fragrance,  tea tree oil!!


  1. Hockey over NBA Golden State 7th game win??? Nancy, shame on you! Of course, this is not the same Warriors as the one that Rick Berry played on...or the one that won the Championship in 1975 coming out of nowhere to do it. But they are the returning champs, and it now comes between them and LeBron. As or your heat wave...I can remember temps like this near the end of school years having class in one of those "Bungalow" type school rooms...no A/C...no breeze...sometimes the teacher didn't even have a fan on. Oh, those were the days...

    1. PS: I know you don't want to hear this...it is going to be 65 today in Skagway. :)

    2. Well if it's any consolation I was 88 in Florida today But then again that's a wet hot
      No wonder your California power and light bill is so high 200° for 4/5 hours just so you could eat
      next time go barbecuing at Durango's Dollar Wise you'll come out ahead and no cleanup

    3. I don't think it ever got over 70 in Skagway Dave ... beautiful there, to say the least. Hope you are enjoying the sights!! I totally forgot the NBA ... maybe next year?? LOL

  2. I think Dave is trying to tell you that when he went to school he walked 5 miles to school in 3 feet of snow barefoot and when he came home in the afternoon it was 90° and the crickets were out and he's complaining about the teacher
    When it gets to be 66° in Alaska make sure you watch out for the black mosquitoes they will drag you off to there nest,,, they just love low landers

    1. Yup ... you are SO right about the PGE bill. Between that and the lawn sprinklers, I could rent another house!! As for Dave, it really WAS that hot ... we had those small little rooms too, with NO air conditioning and a teacher that swatted us with rulers when we complained!! LOL