Friday, May 6, 2016

An Expensive Bunny!!

Bunnies are cute, there's no getting around that.  I had my share back in the day when I raised Chocolate Dutch bunnies on my back porch.  All I can say is DON'T DO IT!!  Cute as they are, don't get one for your grandchildren either.  They are a LOT of work, not to mention the smell, and they multiply like ..... well ...... rabbits!!

I had good intentions of maybe catching up with Barbara and Tom Westerfield, my adopted RV family from Fresno, but was waylaid at every turn.  I finally drug (literally) the queen mattress and box springs out of the closet (yes the closet is that big, pretty crazy, right?) and tested it out as a replacement for my current queen bed.  It was a NO GO.  Not wanting to drag it all the way back to the back bedroom closet, I stuffed it in the bathroom.  Definitely NOT a good idea, since that bathroom is half the size of the closet.

The local group that accepts furniture, wanted to pick it up immediately, or in the next three hours, which I agreed to since I thought I could wait that long for the bathroom to open up.  That put me behind schedule for visiting my friends and the quilt store.

Even though I rushed to the store in Clovis, it was now lunch time, with not a parking spot to be seen.  I said a little prayer for parking.  AHA ... someone is backing out on the other side.  I drove around the block only to see someone take it right in front of my eyes.  My little prayers didn't work this day .... I did that five ... count them, FIVE times before finally finding a spot two blocks away.  Now I have to pray for forgiveness for saying all those really bad words!!

I wandered around the shop quickly, looking for something interesting when I spotted this rabbit quilt.  From reading what I could on the back, you fuse fabric to a backing, cut out the flowers you want, then glue them to fabric, following the rabbit outline.  Cute .... I can do that!!  Final quilting holds all the pieces in place.
It required voile, whatever that is, so I asked the nice saleslady to help me.  Too bad I didn't realize immediately what a good saleslady she was!!  Before I knew it, I had signed up for a two day class to make this (actually a truck quilt, but I'm substituting a rabbit), purchased a portable iron, another ruler, special scissors and yards of fusing material, not to mention the flower and background material.  At least I have my own sewing machine!!

I almost fainted when she told me the total price!!  I will have to put this puppy, or rabbit actually, in my will to offset the $250 cost!!  YIKES!!!!  When she saw the look of shock on my face, she mentioned that the iron, ruler and scissors could be used over and over again.  With a big sigh, I slowly walked back to my truck packing all my new goodies.  It would have been cheaper if I had bought REAL bunnies!!!

Since Barbara and Tom were tied up with accountants and the BIG storm was threatening, I headed back home.  It was a much faster trip without all that weight of money in my wallet.  My truck never got washed since the storm split right up the middle, leaving us high and dry.  So today, if I can figure out how to use that pressure washer I purchased awhile back, I'll give it a good bath in the driveway ..... if it doesn't rain!!


  1. Well if you really want something to do with that brand-new fancy dancy iron so what you do Is get a piece of bread you put it on the table get a piece of cheese put that on the top of the bread get another piece of bread put that on top of the cheese then you turn that fancy dancy Iron up to Cotton setting Place it on top of the bread five minutes later you have a grill cheese sandwich See no need for Mr.foremans grill taken up all that fancy space on your big countertop And as seen on TV for only for only three monthly low low payments of $9.99 per month you could even get a special cradle for that fancy dancy ironing machine But you really need to act fast now While supplies last
    I think I'm going to open up a quilting shop would you like to stop by,,,such a deal I can make for you
    Now I know why you got a 12,000 square-foot house
    PS next time leave your credit card at home take cash but only the amount to go to a restaurant you can pat yourself on the back later

    1. Hahaha that's a good idea. You KNOW I love grilled cheese!! Yes, I was warned to leave my credit cards home, and true to my black sheep, did the exact opposite!!