Thursday, May 12, 2016


I guess it all caught up with me yesterday!!  There were too many 4:30 mornings followed by a couple of VERY late evenings.  You know how it is, you're watching your favorite show and you just HAVE to see how it ends, not to mention a couple of baseball games.  

I hit the rowing machine early, which gave me enough energy to clean out two more closets and vacuum the entire house before plopping on the couch.  I was a little shocked to see it was only 9:00 am, as Jessie snuggled on the chair.
It took all my strength to get myself together and run pick up my mail.  I'm still waiting for those DMV stickers for my Jeep and truck.  Thanks to my Elks friends, I discovered Prime Shine car wash and took advantage of a free wash for my truck.  I'm VERY surprised to say that for $7.00 they probably did a better job than I would have.  A quick grocery stop and I was headed back home.
I did a few things here and there before deciding to sit on the couch and watch TV for a bit.  Next thing I know it's like 6:00.  YIKES!!!  The amazing part is that not only did "I" sleep a couple of hours (unheard of during the day for me), but so did the puppies!!  In fact, I had the distinct pleasure of waking THEM up!!! 
By then, I was starving, having missed lunch.  I grabbed some rosemary from my yard and tied up a small pork loin, adding some zucchini, all of which I figured to barbecue.  With the grill heating up nicely, I threw on the pork and waited ..... not so patiently.  Fifteen minutes later, it looked just about like it did when I put it on!!  I was OUT of fuel.  Rats .... DOUBLE RATS!!!
With no backup propane, I tossed it into a frying pan and threw it in the oven, which of course took some time to heat up.  In the end it was a little tough, but edible, as was the squash after I nuked it for a few minutes.  

Today I'm going to stock up on Lean Cuisine!!


  1. Lean Cuisine--the emergency food of choice. Along with Mountain House freeze-dried entrees.

    1. Freeze dried?? Never tried those ... I'll have to keep an eye out!!

  2. Have I got such a deal for you
    Your very own little parking spot by the beach
    Yeah,, just to let one know you're getting the best deal of a life time because the other lots are twice to three times what this one is
    The best part no barking dogs no snotty nose little kids (or parents) or parents )no bumpy dirt Road
    No dry camping and no generators no thousand trails time limit And seeing as how you would own it no passport America either
    But it looks like it's got a good killer beach and I'm sure you'll find a quilting place somewhere close

    This may be a case where you have to cut-and-paste this one

    1. WOW!! That place is like the Taj Mahal!! I imagine the maintenance fees are a little too much for my wallet, but what a beautiful place!!!

  3. Hi Ed,
    Yes to everything. The property tax are included in the HOA fees of $250 per month paid quarterly. That includes everything, maintenance, garbage, sewer, water, and electric. If you would like a tour of the property just let me know. If you would like to experience the property and bring your motorhome I can reserve a spot for you anytime. We are in Newport off Hwy. 101. We have signs out front and a gated entrance. IF I can answer anything else feel free to call me at 503-970-2239. Thanks for your inquiry.
    End reply
    Now considering that's not a bad deal at three grand a year

    1. Thank you for the info. Since I'm heading that direction, I'll check it out!!