Saturday, May 21, 2016

Not Your Grandma's Quilt!!

I'm one of those people who can't sit still.  I'm good at a happy hour for about ten minutes, then I'm ready to head off and DO something.  I'm so bad, that I even learned how to do Hawaiian Quilting on one of my trips, just so I had something to do while waiting in the Airport Terminal and while flying.  This is all hand stitched and needle turned, taught to me by an older Hawaiian lady.
Even while on the road in my rig, since I got so tired of ripping out my knitting (I'm a terrible knitter), I weave ... although this had taken a back seat to Jonathan.  His current cage takes up WAY too much space, so my Baby Wolf has to stay home.
While in Alaska, thanks to Miss Patty Chance, I picked up a tiny sewing machine so I could quilt on the road.  My table is plenty large enough to cut and sew on, but again, that all has changed since Jonathan has become a permanent passenger.  I'm still looking for a smaller cage and am hoping Elite RV Renovations in Harrisburg Oregon can make a spot for him so I get my space back.
In the meantime, I tried knitting again ... haven't gotten very far on THIS project!!
And THEN, I came across THIS!!    It's definitely not your Grandma's quilt!  It's a lot more fun and requires no stitching, at least up to this point.  I spent all day yesterday in Fresno at the quilt store, learning this fun technique.  

Kind of like appliqué, you iron stuff on the back of the fabric, cut out what you want and press it together on that special tan paper.  Eventually, it will be pressed onto a background and then the entire project quilted.  I still have bunny ears to complete and a few adjustments to make, but this is the perfect motorhome project!!
It was a long day and an even longer drive home.  On the way however, I remembered I had ugly steaks in the fridge for dinner.  Yup ... I figured to try and cook dinner for Gretchen and I, a shaky proposition at best.  These steaks are pretty foolproof however, and came out delicious!!  With Gretchen's salad, we had an actual edible dinner in about 20 minutes.  On my next trip to Tucson, I'm buying a dozen steaks for the freezer.  It's my GO TO company meal from now on!!
I was sorry to see the Giants lose to Chicago last night, but with Jake Peavy pitching, we never had a chance.  I mean really, he was so bad they took him out in the second inning!!  He's ALWAYS that bad, so why don't they just can his butt?   At any rate, the next two games should be a little better, not that I expect the Giants to win ..... Chicago is really good!!  At blog reader Robert's advice, I'm having Chicago dogs for dinner!!  Plug your ears Robert ..... I'm putting ketchup on my dogs!!!


  1. What are ugly steaks,available on line?

    1. Ugly steaks are an invention of Dickman's Butcher Shop in Tucson Arizona. It's a weird cut of meat, better than ribeye, better than fillet in my opinion. It sells for around $12 a pound, but is WELL worth the price. Not sure if you can order online. I'll call and find out!! BBQ for maybe 5-6 minutes each side ... YUM YUM!!!

  2. Back in the day I made string shopping bags that stored in their own pocket. They are a small, so easily portable, project and I made them everywhere--waiting rooms, on the bus, in class, etc. People were fascinated by them so I sold them, for the cost of materials, pretty much as fast as I could make them. I saw the materials for sale at Michael's recently and wished my hands were healthy enough for me to start making them again. Assuming I can dig the pattern out of my memory. :)