Monday, May 30, 2016

Honoring Memorial Day ....

Yesterday was all about car racing ... today is all about remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice ... their lives ... to keep us free, living life any way we choose.  Please remember them today.
I know you're going to ask ..... yes, I watched the Indy 500.  It's not always on my list of must watch sporting events, but yesterday was the 100th running, with something like 350,000 people in attendance.  That's a pretty big car race!!

The usual front runners ran in the front the entire race.  Yes speed is important, but what brings you the win is your pit crew and your strategist.  This race was definitely won in the pits.  There were lots of mistakes.  With no rear view mirrors, many drivers came out of the pits hitting other cars, which got them a one lap penalty.  The other BIGGIE was fuel, which is what won the race yesterday for this rookie driver from Nevada City, California.  Rookie, as in this was his first time EVER being in the Indy 500.

Up against the best in the world, he bided his time, stayed out of trouble, and due to the front runners having to make a pit stop for fuel, he was able to keep going on the last lap, slowing down, hitting the accelerator, then slowing down again, in order to save enough fuel to cross the finish line before the other leaders could get back on the track and pass him.  He ran out on his victory lap and had to be towed to the winners circle.  The announcers were shocked!  Not once did I even hear them mention his name, but he's in the history books now!!  And yes, he drank MILK as he shed a few tears over his victory.  What a great kid and what a GREAT win!!!  Congratulations go to Alexander Rossi!!
I figured I would celebrate with some yummy barbecued chicken.  These thighs are bone-in, so I let them cook maybe longer than I should have ... 15 minutes each side.  I put them on while watching the Giants baseball game against the Rockies in Colorado.  I even set the timer so I wouldn't forget to check them.  Hurray for the Giants, they won!!
I lost.  Apparently my barbecue, even on the lowest setting, is too hot for chicken.  Not that I eat the skin anyway, but I consider this burnt black!!  Once peeled of the charcoal part, they were rather tasty, and perfectly cooked.  I certainly wouldn't want to serve this to company however!!  Maybe I'll just rename it blackened chicken ... you know, like fancy New Orleans blackened fish??
At any rate, I hope you have a safe Memorial Day.  Please say thank you to all those who gave their lives so we can live in this great country.  It's not about the barbecues and family picnics, although that's fun too, it about the people who made all that possible for us.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day .....

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