Monday, May 2, 2016

Perfect Timing!!!!

Some people seem to have perfect timing.  They always get in the right line at the grocery store, they walk up to a slot machine and win $3,800 (recently happened to a friend) or maybe they walk in a quilt store and get a 75% discount on everything they buy.  Perfect timing seems to elude me!!

As I was walking out the door to the Tamale Festival, my phone notified me the Giants game was on at 10:00 am.  Perfect timing!!  Since I found out the eating contest wasn't in the best part of town anyway, I opted to watch the game.  Maybe I'll do a little baking on the side.

While at Walmart the other day, I found Duff's Pink Camo cake mix for the regular price of $2.98, compared to $4.98 in Save Mart.  It was an impulse buy, I admit.  Not that I need cake when I have Oreos in the freezer, but I've been hankering to make something pretty.
With the Giants ahead in the game, I was definitely feeling the vibes as I gathered all the stuff I needed.  My timing was perfect here too ..... I had one egg for breakfast, leaving only one in the package.  Well for heaven's sake!!  I sat down on the couch to contemplate my dilemma.
I couldn't stand it, so while the Mets were up, I made a mad dash to the local market.  My timing was perfect again ... no parking spaces!  It's Sunday after church and the place is packed!!  No worries, I parked by the garbage cans, holding my breath, and got back an inning later.  We were still leading!!

In no time at all, I had camo cakes in camo wrappers with pretty pink sprinkles.  Who's going to eat these you ask?  Well two disappeared before I could even get them put away in tins I keep in the freezer.  The Magic Kingdom of Elks will probably get the majority I thought, as I ran to the medicine cabinet for a Tums.
My timing wasn't exactly good on these either.  It's hard to fill the cups with three tablespoons of different colored batter all at the same time.  Still, they are pretty cute, taste delicious and ..... well they are cupcakes!!  Who could resist that??
During commercials, my timing was a little better as I sewed the other square box quilt together.  I'm not impressed with it at all.  My guess is it will become a donation.  THIS one on the other hand, I've taken a liking to.  There were enough commercials to come up with this placement and cut out all the little triangles.  Now if I can just figure out how to sew it all together!!
Today is a planned do-nothing day, sort of like yesterday ... and the day before that!!  I'm determined to get to the quilt store in Fresno, but am trying for perfect timing when there's no traffic, either on the road or in the store!!

You know what?  (The light bulb comes on!!)   My timing is finally perfect .... I have cupcakes for breakfast!!


  1. Nothing wrong with the cupcakes For breakfast according to Bill Crosby they have all your FDA essential food groups

    1. They DO??? Why that's an even better reason to partake!!!