Tuesday, May 3, 2016

On Point ???

Sometimes I just wander through my back yard.  There's not a lot there really, just some green grass, some past-their-prime dead roses and a nice white plastic fence.  I don't look beyond the fence because the corrals are full of weeds with no horses, usually bringing about a melancholy feeling.

I try to push that aside and take advantage of the weather, which has been spectacular, hanging out around the 50's at night, 70's during the day.  Funny how I never appreciated any of that in my younger days.  It's fun to watch the birds, gophers and snails as I drink my morning coffee!!

I spent several more hours spring cleaning, with another full truckload going to Goodwill.  I still have two closets to go.  If I could just get that bed out of one closet, I'd probably have another load.  I wouldn't say I'm a hoarder, but I definitely inherited my family's bad habits of saving EVERYTHING, including those twin sheet sets when no twin bed exists!!

What I saw out of the corner of my eye on a quick trip to the garage was this window reflection.  Yikes!!  I'm missing a beautiful sunset!!
This is the only time of year I like Central California ... springtime brings pretty sunsets and nice weather.  I guess you could say it's "on point".
I don't think those words have ever been in my vocabulary.  I thought that was reserved for ballerinas, a subject that never arose in the cowboy household I called home.  Yesterday however, it came up in a conversation with my quilter Ann.  She said this quilt was "on point".  It's made with squares, but they are sewn on their points.  So THAT'S why I've been having so much trouble trying to figure out this one.  

As you can see, I made the outside triangles like the pattern called for, but they are all too big!!  This on point stuff is crazy!!  I'm just hoping it will all come out in the end.  
Ann finished quilting this beauty that I totally forgot I had.  It's called Beach Party and I love it!!  Another keeper!!  The quilting has bubbles and swirls like water on a sandy beach.  Pretty soon I will be able to carpet my walls with quilts!!
All in all, a pretty boring day, although a cupcake picked me up around 7:00 pm, as well as a Giants win against Cincinnati.  

It's Magic Kingdom day when I'll pawn off the rest of the cupcakes on an unsuspecting crew.  Maybe I'll keep just one little "on point" tasty morsel for myself .... or maybe two in case I require solace if that quilt doesn't turn out right!!  


  1. Next time we "sneak up on you" at a RV park like we did last year, you can pawn off as many of those cup cakes as you wish. :)

  2. Nancy,
    Your quilts are outstandingly gorgeous. If Dave can stand in line for a cupcake, I'd like to stand in line for an "On Point"!
    But seriously, not only is your layout and stitchwork fantastic, you have an amazing quilter! They are ALL beautiful!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Terry!! I love making them, mostly because they keep my brain and fingers working!!

  3. Quilts hung on walls make good insulation. You are going to have an amazing display when you hang yours.

    1. Wouldn't that be fun to have an entire room covered?? Maybe my spare bedroom!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Jan!! I've had lots of practice. My mother taught me to sew when I was seven!! It's come in handy over the years.