Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rounds and Squares

I was always a little bit square in school.  The girl who wore cowboy boots and rode her horse to school wasn't exactly popular.  Add to that being an "A" student and I didn't win a lot of friends.  It wasn't cool to be square.  So what makes me feel better about all that today??  ROUND!!!  Round chocolate cookies with PEANUT BUTTER in the middle!  Who knew Oreo's made peanut butter cookies??

I solved the entire world's problems yesterday as I watched the Giants lose another baseball game while I dined on peanutty delicious Oreos!!!
I lounged around a little too long in the morning, hitting Saturday rush hour traffic as I headed off to Turlock to return some makeup.  Someone kept whispering cupcakes in my ear, so I pulled over and tried to locate FROST, a small bakery.  I knew where it was basically, I just couldn't figure out how to get there.  

There's no through roads in subdivisions any more ... I know because I drove through TWO of them with no exits, having to go back OUT the way I came in!!  GEEZ!!!  Can't go that way, road closed.  Can't go THAT way, it's one way.  Thirty minutes later, I finally found my way two miles East to their location.  CLOSED!!  Not only closed, but OUT OF BUSINESS!!  RATS!!!

You know when you're just dying for something sweet and there's NOTHING???  What a disappointment, so I went to the quilt store.  That wasn't much better .... they didn't have any of the fabric colors I was looking for.  Dejected, I drove towards home.  I know, I'll hit Walmart!  It was fate ...  that's where I found the Oreos!!

Back at Buzzard's Roost, I finished the last two squares of this lap quilt.  I'll be glad to get it off the wall so I can arrange Black Tie Affair.  
With lots of time on my hands, I decided to cook a nice dinner.  This is unusual for me .... microwaving something is more my style.  I had a beautiful piece of salmon to barbecue, and although I had no idea quite how to accomplish that, I just stuck it on the grill.  Stuck is the operative word here.  It stuck pretty good before I turned the heat down.  At the last moment I threw on some zucchini and whipped up my specialty ... 5 minute couscous from a box.

Served on my best china, it was actually the tastiest meal I've had in awhile!!  Luckily, I have enough to microwave for the next two days!!
I have two choices today ... three actually.  Tamale tasting in Turlock or quilt conquests in Clovis.  The third would be vegging out on the couch with another baseball game.  Maybe if I DON'T watch today, they will win!!


  1. They make a pine board just for grilling salmon or fish
    If you don't want to do that take about three or four layers of tinfoil and fold them over bigger than the piece of fish that you're going to use and set it on that
    Or make a large tinfoil bag put some butter or 2 teaspoons Italian salad dressing put the fish in and cook that for for 10 to 12
    If you haven't finished the peanut butter Oreos put leftovers in the freezer
    And test yourself,,,, see how many times you can walk past the refrigerator with out,,, snag one

    1. I even have a couple of those boards in the rig. Never used them, they are just there!! I DID pass by the Oreos ... you'll see why in today's blog!

  2. Couldn't do it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,could you

  3. Love the china! I may have some pieces of that pattern.

    I've been told the trick with salmon is to oil it well before placing it on the grill. I wouldn't know first hand, of course. I have watched my SIL a couple times put it on a couple layers of foil, add herbs and lemon slices, fold one layer of the foil into a packet, flip it over and fold the other layer into a packet, then give it to her husband to put on the grill. I CAN attest to this being tasty when done. :)

    1. The foil packet idea sounds delicious ... I have three more pieces, I'll give it a try. Thank you Linda!!!