Monday, February 1, 2016

Tubac Makes Me Happy .....

I waited for Sunday morning to arrive with great anticipation.  Patty and I planned a trip to Tubac to satisfy our addiction to Talavera Mexican pottery.  As Patty said, Tubac makes me happy!!!  It also makes ME crazy and my wallet empty!!
Even though I LOVE fabric, I don't absolutely love every quilt I see.  When it comes to this pottery however, I want one of every single piece in the store.  The names of the stores are a blur, but La Paloma, hiding out behind the museum, is a treasure trove of Talavera pottery.  They also have this beautiful tree just for photographers.  
Most of this pottery is hand painted, but they use stencils for the designs.  This particular store has a few pieces of pottery that are actually painted by hand with no pattern other than what's in the artist's head.  
You have to be a good shopper here, as the stores vary widely in prices.  On the other hand, if you see it and don't buy it immediately, it will be bought by someone else, as happened to me last year with the gecko I wanted.  

If you want the best prices on Talavera, go to The Country Store on Will Rogers Lane first.  If you don't find what you want, then venture out to the other stores.  

Although not really visible, this man made of rusted metal has a deers head.  What a great yard decoration!!  No use purchasing something like this until I move .... actually my car is full already!!
Here's what I mean by pricing items .... I purchased a really nice lotion dispenser in this store, Los Canteros for $15.  The store around the corner had the exact same thing for $10.50.  RATS!!!!!
I'll show you all my purchases later, which did NOT include this beauty.  I LOVE it ... but $125 was a little over my budget.  
There's more than just pottery in Tubac ... I picked up a beautiful long black vest (made in the USA) and considered this kachina-type doll, but decided I had plenty of supplies to make this myself for MUCH less than the $75 price.
Since we knew Dan would starve without dinner, we finally drug ourselves away from Tubac to find the winds had picked up considerably.  A big storm was in the forecast, followed closely by 20 degree temperatures!!  I'm sure I made a wrong turn somewhere ... this CAN'T be Arizona!

By 4:30 when we arrived home, the Vail Gale was in full force.  It took two hands on the door to my rig to keep it from being blown off the hinges!!  Dan's big tractor in the driveway roped to the sun screen behind his RV should have been a sign!! 

After a mighty tasty dinner of squash soup and toasted chibata bread,  I went to bed at 9:00.   By 11 the wind was whipping the slide tops so hard I closed both big slides.  Just as I finally nodded off at 2 am the rain hit.  Oh well, I didn't need any sleep anyway!!  

I'm sure a tornado went through as the wind made everything moan and groan, causing the puppies to bunch up under my arms.  Darks skies this morning will bring rain and nastiness all day.  I think I'll stay inside and unpack all the Talavera I purchased so I can show you my treasures!!


  1. Vyaadka have same problem with Tubac-o. Tubac-o makes me happy!!! It also makes ME crazy and my wallet empty!!

    1. Now that's a worse habit than Talavera OR quilting!!

  2. Tubac is indeed an interesting place. I wanted to comment on an earlier blog and let you know that we bought some "ugly steaks" based on your recommendation. I'd never seen that meat/deli market in Tucson before. My hubby almost backed out when he saw the price/lb. But I insisted, and we both LOVED the steaks! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Oh Sharon ... I should have mentioned the price!! We got 5 medium sized steaks for $40. Not exactly inexpensive, but mighty tasty!! I'm glad you enjoyed them!!