Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Have You Cleaned Your Coils?

So it's 29 degrees and still falling at 5:30 am.  Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!  This time I pulled down every shade and packed pillows in every window I could, as well as turned the electric heater up a little, trying to keep the cold at bay.  With my electric blanket on #4 setting, I actually even got a little too toasty!!!

Yesterday morning I spent all my time cleaning the rig, when I accidentally knocked a piece off under the fridge.  Have you cleaned your coils lately??  Oh my goodness!!  I had no idea this long grating came off, let alone I should be vacuuming the coils.  It was a solid mass of fluff across the entire front.  I spent so much time with my little Dyson cordless that it ran out of power ..... first time ever!  Interestingly enough, I noticed the fridge doesn't run nearly as often as it did.  I'm putting that on my To-Do list!!

I spent the next few hours becoming very frustrated as I looked at properties for sale.  I've been doing searches on trying to find the perfect place ... and I did!!  But unfortunately, I don't want to spend $450,000 on a home ... and I'd still have to build an RV garage.

Unlike Lake Havasu, RV homes are few and far between.  There are many on one acre lots, but all cut in pie shapes with the houses right up front, leaving no room for a garage and no access to the back.  I finally returned dejected and forlorn.  The only upside was I got to see five javelinas ... big momma, the size of a brown bear, two slightly smaller and two skittish babies.  That was the highlight of my day!!

Back at the ranch, I pulled out my newest acquisitions of Talavera pottery.  Rather than try to get everything in one pattern, I decided to mix and match the dishes.  This way I can keep adding to the set and not worry about them all having the same pattern.
The three salad plates are my birthday gift from Miss Patty because we couldn't decide on just two!!
Here's my new macaroni and cheese baking dish.  Be sure to check first, but most of the Talavera sold in Tubac is lead free, as well as dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.
While at La Paloma pottery, I picked up my newest pet to add to the menagerie ... a Talavera coyote!!  He blinked his long eyelashes at me and I couldn't resist!!
It's SO hard to pick just one pot, because I love them all!!  After having the owner move pots back and forth, I finally decided on this one to sit beside my fireplace.  It's safely seat-belted in and should survive the trip!!  We also learned a little trick, for those who already have this type of pottery.  A soft cloth and Pledge does wonders for the colors!!
This is an example of the hand painted kind versus the stencil variety above.  Quite a bit of difference in the detail.
Outside the most expensive shop in Tubac, sat three little roadrunners looking for homes.  Slightly larger than a REAL one, this guy can be seen by my rig door now .... that is when the wind isn't blowing like a tornado!!  A big rock under his feet should keep him stable!
So there you have it, another exciting day in Arizona!  The temperature is now down to 25 and I've got my fingers crossed nothing freezes, including me!!  From here on, it's going up again to about 40-something.  I'll be moving over to the fairgrounds for a week starting tomorrow, to contemplate whether I want to go further south to Tombstone and Bisbee or whether I'll just head back to warmer Yuma!!  At this point, my money's on Yuma!!


  1. Replies
    1. Gold Canyon ... I will take a look Jan .... Thank you!!

  2. You gonna do Havasu fireworks?

    1. Do you have the dates on that Tom?? Since I got them wrong the last time, I better check with someone who knows!!

  3. If you have never stayed at Saguaro SKP Co-op in Benson, they have a great special. $50.00 for a week plus tax. You can do Bisbee and Thombstone from here.

    1. Great idea Dave .... As you probably know, I can't get reservations, but can boondock for a day or two while I wait for a space. I'll be seeing you in a week or so!!