Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Sky Is On Fire!!

Here's a picture of a pretty good reason to move to Arizona.  This amazing sky on fire was presented for the enjoyment of the birthday girl.  I imagine it's no big deal for people who live here, but for us Californians who rarely see it, THIS is spectacular!!
I tried to stay home yesterday and kind of rest up from all the visiting, shopping and puppy playing, but I can rarely stand to just sit, so off I went checking out the neighborhood to the South.  Unfortunately, everyone else beat me to it.  There are some gorgeous homes that I would buy in a flash ... but there wasn't a For Sale sign in sight!!
The thought of the huge hassle to move kind of slowed me down .... there's so much paperwork and stress with buying a home, not to mention the other side of the coin ... selling MY house.  When it comes to thinking about packing, well that's the easy part!!  The THIRD side of the coin is hoping I love it here, because once my house is sold, I doubt I could EVER afford to move back to California!!
As temperatures climbed in the rig, my small rear AC unit did it's best to keep us cool.  Hmmmm, I think I need to get out the duster.  Anyway, what do you do when you're bored and hot??
Why make cookies of course!!  I did run into a little snag once the cookie dough was ready to hit the pan.  My Breville oven sucks up quite a bit of energy.  As I weighed out the alternatives, the cookies won, so I turned the AC off.  Even then I was VERY close to getting shut down, as I'm sure every rig in the park had their AC on HIGH.  I could hear them roaring over the television!

I ran into a little trouble with the new pan however.  I had to eat the first three that I chipped off with my trusty hammer because they stuck like glue.  Halfway through I gave up, stuck the remaining dough in the fridge and turned my AC back on.  Luckily I squeaked out just enough juice to cool us down to a lovely 84 degrees.
Such an exciting day ..... I got out my phone and made up a list of five more places to see before I leave.  I've still got plenty of time and will probably re-up another week.  Seven days cost the same as five, and I need an additional four.  Might as well use up the week ... it's cheaper than anywhere else.

Patty and I stopped at Tres Amigos furniture store the other day, where I happened on this lamp ... the only one in the store, for a pricey $299.  In California, it would have been $500.  Here's the thing though, they were having a mega sale to clear everything out for their new order coming in.  If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you .... cheap!!

At any rate, the finally tally was a little over $100 and it goes with my decor perfectly, even if I don't move here!!  It came with a harp and nice lampshade, but fits better under my bed when all apart.
My list of things still to see includes the Titan Missile silo, the Arizona State Museum, Old Tucson, Tohono Chue Park/Museum and Saguaro National Park.  Wait ..... there's SIX things on my list because the one little museum that caught my eye for today's adventure is the Museum of the Horse Soldiers.  Now that one's right up my alley!!  


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    1. Hahaha .. you definitely know how to get a gal to go on a Mine Tour!!!

  2. Once you stop paying that California income tax, I doubt you would want to move back again! Arizona is not bad, but I love the Florida rate of ZERO!

    1. I actually did some checking on that Dave. California income tax rate is 13.3%. Arizona is only 4.54% at it's highest rate. That will be a nice chunk of change I save!