Tuesday, February 9, 2016

UH OH!!!

Don't you just HATE those two words???  That's what I thought when I drove in yesterday and saw this guy on a definite slant.  The parking lot is perfectly level, so I'm not sure why his rig is at such an angle.  This lot does not have sewer hookups, so maybe this allows for more room in his tank (although there is a free dump).
If Cooper could talk, he would have said Uh Oh when he saw me take the puppy shampoo out.  Baths are definitely NOT his favorite, although using the shower doesn't seem to bother him as much as a big tub.  Still a little wet around the ears, I had to play for the next two hours to make up for the four letter word ... B A T H !!
This is my crazy boy.  Those balls he's so fanatic about?  He hides them under the blankets and Jessie's bed, then digs them out, only to grab whatever's close with his teeth and cover it up again.  He will do this for an hour, giving me a little respite from play time.
I arrived at Patty's house yesterday morning to gather up the white bean chili and cornbread we made the night before.  We went just down the street to the quilt party that happens every Monday.  You know I'm terrible at names, so I don't remember everyone there, but this beautiful 84 year old grandmother is entering a huge quilt in the show coming up in Sierra Vista and is showing off the doll blanket she made for her great-granddaughter?  I was so blown away by the beautiful material she chose that I completely forgot everything else!!
On the way home, this gorgeous sunset got my attention.  It's like this most every night.  Then the big UH OH happened.  I walked in my rig to discover 80 degree temperatures, a little much for the puppies, not to mention me!!  Since I heard many AC units when I came in the park, I turned mine on too.  
Gee ... it doesn't seem to be getting cooler.  I checked the register ..... 85!!  UH OH!!  It's hotter than when I came in.  I double and triple checked everything to be sure I hadn't turned the heat on.  Finally, I turned the rear unit on and it worked great.  

You already know what my next move was ... I called DAN!!  Since it was running, the only thing left was to call LaMesa RV for repairs.  Lucky for me, Dan works there, and in fact, was still at work.  He found a service manager and asked if they could fit me in their schedule, which is booked three weeks out.  

Maybe, possibly, hopefully, they can diagnose the problem quickly.  I may be here a couple more weeks.  The desert is finally heating up with temperatures expected in the 80's, so I HAVE to get it fixed.  I still have an extended warranty so the UH OH shouldn't cost me too much.  Wish me luck today!!


  1. Your first UH OH is probably an airbag on his rig Either he purposely dropped it or he has a leak in the leveling valve
    Now The second UH OH I wish you would make up your mind at first you say you're cold then you say you too hard Yum oh sound like M,s Goldilocks not getting her porridge right
    As for the front AC shut the master power OFF
    flip all your circuit breaker OFF on the coach down
    and then flip them back up again
    turn your master power ON
    Some circuit breaker's do not go all away down to the lowest position if there tripped
    If that doesn't work see if Mr C has a voltage circuit tester (he'll know what it is)
    If that unit has power going to it the AC unit the circuit tester should be able to buzz or light up and tell him yes or no
    If the unit has power but still doesn't go on keep that appointment
    Feel free to come to Florida it's 42° this morning
    If that lady can make 25 or 30 of those that would be great we need more new artsy mechanics rags

  2. I can't stop until the weather's just right!!!! AC is running great, just putting out hot air. �� Without problems, it would just be another day. Lol