Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sometimes You Win ... Sometimes You Lose!!

Sometimes you get both, even though that's NOT on your agenda.  Yesterday I wanted to go see the Indian pottery exhibit at the Arizona State Museum.   I've been looking forward to learning about all the different tribes, how they made their pottery and how it's changed over the years.

The first indication that this may not go well was my GPS.  I don't usually use it, but the museum is in downtown traffic-congested Tucson.  Trouble was, it couldn't find the address.  Uh oh!!  So I picked the one closest and figured I'd just wing it.  There has to be big signs, right?

Wrong!!  After the first trip around the four block area with not a parking spot in sight, I finally saw a tiny sign to turn right, which took me directly into a parking garage.  I grabbed a ticket and drove around ..... and around .... and finally decided to exit, since there were no spaces available.  Just as I was heading out the gate, I saw a sign that said "Pay Cashier First".  But wait ... I didn't park!!  Ok, where's the cashier?

Another drive around the garage landed me in hot water when I turned the wrong way and almost hit a car head on.   I finally found the cashier and a 10 minute parking spot so I could pay, or at least find out how to escape this maze.  It's a good thing I didn't drive around for more than 14 minutes.  My parking was free.  With the now-stamped ticket, I was able to exit the gate on the wrong street, going the wrong way.  YIKES!!!

I give up!!  I hit the GPS for home where I arrived two hours after starting out.  Strike one for Nancy!!  Undaunted, I returned to the Mission San Xavier Del Bac to take advantage of the nice cloud cover and have an Indian Taco for lunch.  That's a large paper plate under the fry bread, covered with red chili, homemade pinto beans and regular taco stuff.  For $7, you can feed a family of four!!  It was delicious, but I could only eat about a quarter of it.
It was really crowded on this day, so I didn't go inside, just took a few photos with the clouds.
Then I walked up Martinez Hill to the East, named for Jose Maria Martinez, Lt. Colonel at the Presidio in Tubac.  After Apache Indian attacks, he was granted land here by the Indian Chief.
Just as I rounded the first corner, a roadrunner ran across my path.  I think that must mean good luck, because the entire time I was on the hill, there were no humans around.   I was unable to find out who is buried here.  It could be Mr. Martinez, killed in an Apache raid in 1889, or one of the Franciscan Monks who restored the mission.
Around the first corner is a huge grotto with a statue of Mary high up in the side wall.  Erected by the Bishop of Tucson in 1908 on the fiftieth anniversary of the apparition of Mary at the Grotto of Lourdes, it's an amazing spot to sit and view the surrounding Indian lands.
The path continues around the entire mountain, with many benches to sit on, giving you great views of the farmland.  This was certainly a WIN for today!!
Just about sundown, I drove across the fairgrounds where I climbed up to the top of the grandstands for some nice sunset shots.  Luckily I turned around just in time to catch these beautiful pink clouds surrounding the moon.  
It's not quite full, but beautiful none the less.  I would have a better shot, but realized all my big lenses (and battery chargers) are over at the Chance Ranch, where I left them for safe keeping. 
When I turned back around, I was greeted by this gorgeous sunset.  I just can't get enough of these Arizona evenings!!
That was TWO WINS versus one loss, so I'm ahead of the game.  
Even better, while I was on the grandstands, I located the arena where the horse jumping competition will be held this weekend.  AND the drag races are back on today.  I'm going to be a busy girl!!


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  2. well as far as the dead guys are concerned it's either one or the other
    But then again that's where the mystery lies,,,now the question you have to ask yourself did he die with his Franciscan sandals on or did he die with his boots on ,, and his 44 blazing The mystery is buried there
    Photos look good makes a difference when you get the clouds and the darkness sky
    How do you feel about going back about half hour before sunrise I need some Saint Xavier sunrise photos
    I'll even let you buy breakfast

    1. Even though I DO get up before sunrise, I usually just park myself on the couch!!! LOL

  3. Only known public reference
    Martinez went into the cattle business for many years and would die from wounds suffered in an Apache attack, in 1868
    As a rule old Indian burial sites usually don't have a time date
    Unlike the white man he wants everybody to know
    however the missions cemetery headstones would reveal a lot
    They even have a website ( find a grave ) that list a lot of cemeteries in the US where you could go to the cemetery and view all the headstones (photos )there by name and date

  4. The AZ State Museum is just inside the Main Gate of the University, just up from Park and University. The best way to get there is via the modern street car. There are many places to park along the train tracks, one being near El Mercado san Augustin on Congress. Mucho free parking. The Mercado is worth a look as well. Anyway the Doris and Arnold Roland Wall of Pots is well worth a visit, and the street car is a low stress and enjoyable way to get there. Your sunset pictures were just lovely. It's about time we've gotten some clouds!

    1. GREAT information. Thank you Allison! Not sure I'll have time before I leave, but will definitely stop on my way back and take the street car!!