Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day Birthday!!!

What a great day for a birthday!!  That's exactly what happened yesterday at the Chance Ranch.  How lucky can you be ... double the presents!!!   No, this wasn't for me since I don't have a Valentine, (and I refuse to admit I have birthdays) but Miss Patty has a KEEPER who bought her roses!
The Birthday Girl and I left early in the morning for the Quilters Market, where you get a discount on your entire purchase of half your age.  I won't tell how much she got, lets just say I'm coming back on MY birthday!!  That can amount to quite a savings!!  You GO Patty!!!

Surprise!!!  When we returned, there's three more vases full of flowers for daughter-in-law Shandra, granddaughter Laila and ME!!!!!   Since it really was Miss Patty's birthday, their son Mark and his family came over for dinner.   Dan cooked up a passle of steaks, chicken and pork chops, I brought a big potato salad and Shandra finished it off with green salad and ............ wait for it ......
homemade german chocolate Valentine birthday cake, along with a platter of chocolate covered strawberries, just for good measure!!  What a spread!!  While Miss Patty opened her presents, we did what all good families do ..... we ate cake!!!
Patty got a chicken-dance card, including the music, which suggested she shake her tail feathers, but we couldn't talk her into it.  Here's a little gizzy she received for quilting.  It's handmade by her friend Ken, having a seam ripper on one end and a lance on the other for when you need to fight with unruly seams.  When not in use, you stick the pointy ends inside the handle.  She got lots of goodies, including a Kaffe Fassett quilting book that she really should hide from me!!
This is basically the same thing as above, only just a seam ripper that has a magnet attachment to the chain so you can keep it handy around your neck.  I've been looking for this for ages, having just found it at the Tubac Arts Festival.  
Stuffed to the gills, I headed back to the mobile Kissack Kastle where the puppies were cool as cucumbers.  The back air conditioner, along with my little 12 volt fan seems to be working fine with the 82 degree temperatures.  

There is absolutely nothing on the schedule today and I'd really like to practice being a lump on the couch, but there are three more houses I want to check out.  Might as well look while I'm here!!


  1. Seeing how the mad Russian isn't going to say something,,, somewhere between now and the next 364days We can wish you a happy birthday
    Most women stop counting when they get their AARP card and most men stop Counting when I can't count their toes
    After seeing all that food I need a nap

    1. Exactly .... though it is nice to know we made one more year!!