Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Putting the Electric Blanket AWAY!!

The Tucson weather has definitely taken a turn for the better.  No electric blanket is required now, as the nighttime temperatures stay in the high 40's.  This morning I didn't even need a jacket to walk the puppies ... it's a VERY balmy 54 degrees outside!!
Yesterday was a bust on several levels, but it's the first since being on this trip.  I waited until the appointed time, then gave LaMesa RV a call.  Although they are swamped, Dan's service guy has agreed to try and fit me in, if only to diagnose the problem with my AC unit.

I finally heard from him at 10:30, with good news that he can schedule me at 11:00.  YIKES!!  That's going to be a quick zip-it-up, since it takes 20 minutes to drive there!!  A little further conversation, and I figured out he meant 11:00 FRIDAY.  With no promises of repairs, I will probably have to return the end of NEXT week to actually get it fixed.

I guess I'll extend my stay here a little longer (good thing for jello), a dangerous proposition considering the number of quilt fabric stores!!  At least I don't have reservations anywhere else that will require change.

I hung out with the puppies most of the day, trying to keep them cool.  I opened several windows and turned on all three of my overhead fans.   More out of boredom than interest, I made an appointment to view a couple of modular homes in the area.  My oh my .... the high-value-take-your-money-and-run situation that hit California, also hit here.  

I've seen several modular homes that are beautiful inside .... the one I looked at yesterday was definitely NOT in that category.  If it had only required paint, I could deal with it, but months of remodeling and thousand of dollars are not something I'm interested in.

The rest of the day I learned how to keep mosquitos away with cheap mouthwash, epsom salts and beer, as well as how to kill ants with borax and sugar.  I can make a crock pot lava cake and flowers for your birthday cake with Russian piping pastry nozzles, not to mention crock pot stew ... which I made last night.  

Good idea, right?  Cook the stew overnight when it's cool.  The problem with that became the smell ... as soon as it started to smell good, it woke me up ... and KEPT me up.  I guess I won't try that again ... 

Early today Dan, Patty and I will tour the Pima Air Museum.  It's one place they haven't been since moving here a few years ago.  There is a HUGE mothball fleet of planes, all waiting to be refitted and reassigned.  This should be an interesting day with lots of photography opportunities!!


  1. The Copper Mine, The Titan Missile, and the Whipple Observatory are worth visiting while in the area.

    1. I heard about the Titan Missile yesterday. Since I'm staying longer, I'll go check them out!! Thank you for the tips Jan!!!

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