Friday, November 27, 2015

I Can't Believe I Ate The WHOLE Thing!!

I hope everyone had a great day, stuffing themselves to the brim with yummy turkey.  I'd hate to think I was the only one who over ate!!  By 6:00 I was crying Uncle on the couch!  I can't believe I ate this entire plate of food!!
Clean as a whistle!!
While I prepared the turkey and stuffing in the morning, Miss Jessie languished on the back of her favorite chair when my first problem arose.  For some reason nowadays, they are not adding the little package of spice to the bag of stuffing you buy in the store.  I always mix in a little of the bread with my cornbread, along with the spice bag.  OH NO!!  I cleaned out my spice drawer a couple of weeks ago and I bet I'm out of poultry seasoning.  
I took absolutely every single jar out of the cupboard and lucky for me, there was one small bottle that had fallen behind everything else.  Poultry seasoning!!  THAT saved the day!!  I made the green bean casserole about mid morning and it was all going swell until I realized I forgot to get cranberry sauce.  No problem .... I still have some fresh cranberries in the fridge leftover from the bread I made.  

I've never made cranberry sauce before, but I'll give anything a shot.  It was pretty simple, just follow the Ocean Spray directions.  Trouble is, they forgot to say "never leave the stove while this comes to a boil".   I'll clean up that horrible boiled sugar and fruit mess later today.

My turkey didn't come out as pretty as the last one you saw on my blog ... mostly because for the first time ever, I decided to cook it upside down like the turkey growers do.  It supposedly makes the turkey breast juicier.  I guess that kind of worked, but I'd hate to serve this to company.  

I can't say how much I appreciate the Elks for donating this guy for my dinner, but honestly, I wish they would have gotten Butterballs as in the past.  THIS was the toughest turkey I've had in my entire life.  Target's Market Pantry poultry is positively the pits!!!
My new-recipe casserole came out really yummy ... no soup mix here, you make your own sauce with shallots, mushrooms, half and half and some parmesan cheese.  
Here's what I learned this Thanksgiving.  No matter how hard it is to gather all the ingredients and make something from scratch, it ALWAYS tastes better than what comes from a box.  My cornbread was the best ever, the giblet gravy delicious (no lumps) ... even my overflowing cranberry sauce was the best I've ever eaten!  That's why I consumed the entire plate of food!!  There were no burials at Kissack Kastle on Thanksgiving 2015!!
By 7:00 the puppies were sound asleep on the couch while I watched the football game and a couple of those Christmas movies that are on several channels now.  I've come to learn that it's okay if I'm single .... my Prince Charming will come at Christmas, probably Santa's Son, who will Ho Ho Ho and sweep me off my feet .... or he'll be a billionaire that needs someone to do his Christmas shopping, Bah Humbug ... that is if my Russian Fiance doesn't work out!!  
I hung our stockings with care before I went to bed, making sure to turn the fireplace off, just in case my PC decides to come a little early.  This is about the extent of my holiday decorations this year.  You'll notice there's one extra, just in case
Jonathan would like to thank everyone for not putting him on the menu this year.  He was so happy, he provided the entertainment all day, talking and screaming, thereby getting Jessie to howl, whereupon he screamed even louder.  What a character this guy is!!
It's Black Friday ... are you going shopping?  Me either!!  Although the thought did cross my mind, just to see what it was like.  I'd rather do my shopping on-line in the peace and quiet of my home ... except for the screaming bird and howling dogs!!  

Saturday is small business day ... so if you HAVE to shop, leave a few bucks at a small local business.  They could really use the influx of cash!!


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  2. Mister edNovember 27, 2015 at 11:42 AM
    Next time go out by yourself a can of whole Ocean Spray cranberry sauce
    It's only a dollar 20 9G just make sure you have a CanOpener
    Now if you want cranberry sauce that you don't have to cook has a better recipe
    It's called orange cranberry relish
    Buy one 12oz bag of whole cranberries
    Two very ripe and I do mean ripe large oranges
    Put the 12 ounce bag of cranberries in your blender
    Blend until it's fine chopped
    Put that in a larger bowl set it aside
    Take two fat JUICY oranges cut them up with the skin (don't take the skin off) ( if the oranges are not juicing you can add your own orange juice about a half a cup )
    Put those in the blender and blend Until you have pulp
    Add the orange pulp to the cranberries
    Now here is where some people differ some people like white sugar I like organic cane sugar you could even use brown sugar
    You need to add about a cup and a half of sugar of your choice to the bowl and then mix it up (if you really have a sweet tooth you could make that 2 cups that's your choice)
    Put it in a container. With a lid on and put it in the refrigerator and see how long you can go before you try to sample it
    Absolutely no cooking it should take you about 15 minutes and you can make it anytime of the year
    The reason why you putting it in the refrigerator so that the juices will dissolve the sugar if you use a granulated sugar
    As a sidenote if you like and use any sugar try using Florida cane sugar organic it's way better than white sugar will ever be
    I'll do a turkey for Christmas we did a ham this Thanksgiving as for the cranberry relish we have gone through three quarters of it already
    OK so we did some quality control with a spoon Fantastic
    If you're going to cook it
    One 12 oz pack of whole cranberries add cup an a quarter of water. ( if you want to add RUM or orange juice or apple juice keep it within the cup and a quarter volume ) example one cup of water and 1/4 cup of whatever flavor you like ) Quality control on the Rum prior to measuring is a must you have to make sure it's the finest
    Add 1/1/2 cup sugar and high simmer it (don't boil it) it will start to thicken after about 10 minutes
    Here's the public disclaimer DO NOT walk away from the stove while it is simmering and keep stirring it up. If it starts to rise up during your simmering turn it down a bit


    1. Wow ... those sound delicious!! I'm going to print that out and try it at Christmas ... that's when I'm having HAM!! LOL Thank you so much ... and I promise not to leave the stove!