Wednesday, November 4, 2015

And You Get Paid HOW MUCH??

One of these days soon, I'll get enough sleep.  Maybe if I put in sound proofing and carpet the walls of my bedroom.  Between rain, trains and puppies, I've been feeling pretty loggie ... a term we used on the ranch for a cow that wouldn't keep up with the herd.  Yesterday, I had a hard time keeping up.

Nick and Terry Russell rode with me to Bass Pro Shops in downtown Manteca.  It's kind of like getting stuck in Lodi again, but there's more to see.  The huge Bass Pro Shop has everything outdoor.  If you have been looking for the perfect turkey fryer, this is the place!!  If ammunition is on your shopping list, they just got in several cases of .22 longs, which are flying off the shelf.
I just LOVE the inside of that store.  If I knew how, I would be making fake rocks and putting them on the walls of my castle.  That would be SO cool!!  What a decorating statement!!  A few hours later, it was time to head back home.  It's Magic Castle night at the Elks and my peasants are calling!!  Next time I'll just let the phone ring!!  It was one of THOSE nights that we all dread ... first of the month payday, topped off by NO hotball at the competing bingo hall.  In layman terms, that meant we had 150 fanatic bingo players in our little corner of the world.
Everything went smoothly until an extra $5 got added to a receipt.  The Castle Lawyer was on the infernal machine, and added it up three times.  I have no idea why it was wrong, but it was, whereupon we refunded his $5.  No biggie, right??  WRONG!!  The peasant complained to anyone and everyone who would listen, totally forgetting the part about the refund.  We were immediately accosted by the King and his henchmen.

It didn't get better, as one peasant had given her check to the King, who left it at his house across the land.  THAT came into play when at the end of the night, we didn't balance and couldn't figure out why.  To make matters worse, another wrong key was punched, making the infernal machine think it had $250 more than it did ... which made us short of cash.

For some reason, I always figure these things out on the drive back to MY little castle.  Instead of a payout, she recorded  "received on account", doubling the error.  Today I will call the Tax Collector and explain why none of the numbers make sense!!

Nick met me at the door when I returned home, as I was grumbling about ANOTHER night at the Magic Kingdom.  His only words were And You Get Paid HOW MUCH?  EXACTLY Nick ... NOT ENOUGH!!  Actually, I get a turkey at Thanksgiving.  Doesn't everyone get paid in poultry??

I'm sad to say the Russell's will be heading out today to continue their travels around our beautiful country.  The temperatures here are starting to cool down, so they are heading South to warmer pastures.  Since getting my security lights fixed, my stress level has decreased 90% and I am so very thankful to them for their help.  Gosh, now I have nothing to complain about!!   Oh wait ... no internet service in two days.  Guess I better get my act together and see what I can do about that!!


  1. Think of it this way the turkey cost 20 bucks at the grocery store divide that times how many hours you work = equals how much it cost to earn that turkey That's only my two cents worth
    And then to add insult to injury,,, YOU,,, have to cook it
    You can always donate the turkey to the food bank and then volunteer at the food bank that day and get all the turkey you want For free
    As I' always said free is always good

    1. How did you know? There actually is a food bank half a block from the Elks that we donate turkeys to. Maybe I should volunteer there too!!! You're right, free is good!!