Friday, November 6, 2015

New Digs .....

Since Jonathan is going back on the road with me, I've been checking on housing options for him.  It's not easy finding parrot cages, let alone one that will fit nicely in my rig.  There used to be one made by Pacific that perfectly fit the bill, but the one I still have is too rusty for use.  I'm going to see if I can find a place to have it powder coated, making a new suitably decorated condo.

This is the cage I ordered last week, thinking it would be slightly smaller than the one I have.  Turns out I was wrong, even though I had the dimensions.  It's also a piece of crap.  Sorry Bird Cages 4 Less, but this should go straight into the trash.  Many of the ends and connections were bent, none of the security features keep the doors closed and the cup holders are bent so the cups can't even be taken out.  It took a hammer and screwdriver just to feed Jonathan this morning!!  I should have known from the name, right?  Unfortunately for me, I could only find two this size ... and of course I went with the less expensive.
Whoever designed this never owned a bird.  At any rate, it will have to suffice.  These cages are too heavy and awkward to move from the house to the RV and back.  One will stay in the house and one in the rig.  Jonathan didn't really seem to care as much as I did ... he just wanted his Ritz cracker!!
Parrots are notorious escape artists, being able to undo snap locks and figure out security devices in no time.  I've even had to put padlocks on cages.  I have a couple of alligator clips on this one, but those won't last long.  I need a more permanent solution for this cheapo deepo cage!!

I tested out the Verizon connection several times yesterday and it seems to be working great.  Not a lot of bars, but at least it's steady.  My other internet is still working, but comes and goes like the waves of an ocean.  Mostly GOES!!!  I'm curious to see what happens when they cut it off at noon.  I have a feeling my other Sprint MiFi will continue to work, just not very well.  It's six years old now and probably wouldn't have lasted much longer anyway.

I forgot to show you the little tool Nick used while fixing the lights.  Most of the guys probably already know about it.  It tells you if there is electricity going through a socket or wire.  This one has a green light to show it is on ... hold it near any wire and it will turn RED if there is electricity flowing.  You can immediately tell if a socket is hot or not, so you don't get fried.  This is what he used to test every wire and connection in the light fixtures, determining that the socket needed to be replaced.  Pretty cool little tool!!
Now to track down another package the Post Office lost.  I put in a change of MAILING address only with forwarding to end last month.  Instead of delivering it to my house, they of course forwarded it ... or returned it, I'm not sure which.  No wonder they are going out of business!!  So I'm off on a treasure hunt this morning!!!  Wish me luck!!


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    1. They really are Jan ... and they are persistent enough to figure out ways to escape!!