Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Eyes Like A Hawk!!

A couple of months ago, Nikon came out with a new lens for their full frame cameras that will allow you to see like a hawk.  This 200-500mm telephoto lens, along with a 1.4 teleconverter, will give me up close and personal images of creatures far, far away!!  I'm just hoping I can see them in the first place so I can take a picture through the lens!!

When I placed my order, B & H Photo in New York didn't even have them in stock.  Really, I didn't expect to receive it until next year.  Wasn't I surprised when my early Christmas present showed up at my door!!  I can't wait to try it out.  
I might even go outside across the street and take a picture of Jonathan and his new found friend.  I'm telling you, Nick has the moves, because this silly bird is in love!!  I stand at the cage and talk to him ... nothing.  No words, no chortles, no sounds.  Nick walks up and Jonathan immediately climbs to the front of the cages and starts talking!!  I hope he's not too crushed when Terry and Nick have to leave!!
We took a tour of my rig yesterday for two reasons.  First, I don't have automatic locks on my bay doors.  I have to go around with a key and lock each one individually.  What a pain THAT is.  Nick and Terry have never heard of a newer rig like mine NOT having locks, so we went on the hunt for a hidden button.  Unfortunately, none was found.

Next was to come up with a good spot for Jonathan and his cage to ride.   Since that time he hit the floor with a BANG, I've been trying to figure out where to put him!  We found two places and a third possibility, depending on the height of the cage.  The front seat ... not the best of spots ... and the dining table.  Miss Terry suggested a heavy piece of non-slip rug material, then bungee the cage underneath the table.  The third spot is on top of my filing cabinet ... even better if the cage will fit (I may have to take out a light fixture).  After working with Nick and Terry this last week, I'm pretty confident I can do that!!

After an hour of surfing the internet, I found this cage, slightly smaller than the one he's in.  The top opens up to make a perch ... which Jonathan would LOVE ... but I don't think I have enough space for that, so it will probably remain closed.  This morning I had the bright idea to take my recliner chair OUT and leave it home.  After all, I don't sit in it anyway.  That would leave plenty of room for this cage!!  I'm sure company will understand when they have to sit on the floor!!  
I'm so excited to get Jon set up in the rig so he can travel with me again.  I've missed the little squawker!!

I dodged a bullet yesterday as we decided to eat at Applebees again.  Good thing, because I had NOTHING in the fridge!!  Miss Terry and I had another delicious burger while Nick enjoyed some yummy pasta with chicken.

Today we will take a ride up to Bass Pro Shop so Nick can spend some time with his pontoon boat.  I'm leaving my credit card HOME!!


  1. Well you got a full moon coming up and you need to break in that new 500mm bad boy we expect to see moon shots soon
    Stop giggling miss Nancy I know what you're thinking
    I hope you ordered a 59 mm polarized filter The big boys take bigger filters
    You could probably get one on eBay for short money
    My catadioptric lens takes a 60mm I think I paid 25 for it five years ago
    Now I know why you're crying short money But don.t our toys come first
    Joy your day

    1. Won't that be something to get moon shots with that lens ... the one in the sky that is!! I can't wait!! A polarized filter is on the list!

  2. Oh look at that flirtatious bird with the feathers all puffed up. They can be so fickle.

    1. You are SO right Allison!!! Jonathan is actually a female and LOVES men!!!