Monday, November 9, 2015

43 Days Until Christmas!!

Not that I wanted to mess up your entire day with the knowledge that Christmas is just around the corner, but CHRISTMAS is just around the corner!!  Where did the time go?  All the men out there better check their list and hit the local shopping mall!  Most of the ladies probably already have their presents bought and wrapped!!

But first .... lets celebrate Thanksgiving.  Although many of the stores swear they are not putting up Christmas decorations until November 27, I've seen lots of snow covered trees and lights in their windows.    I planned on going to Macy's yesterday, but as usual, my plans changed.  I had good intentions of using those 25% off coupons for a new Christmas blouse.  With my list in hand I headed out the door when it hit me!

I could probably find something at a closer store, saving a lot of fuel and money.  Do YOU do that?  I'm not sure where that comes from, but I do it all the time.  I get these random thoughts in my head ... I could go next Saturday when I return to Bass Pro Shops, I'll save on diesel, I won't rack up a high credit card bill at Macy's, I'll save time ... I can come up with a whole list of excuses not to go.  I actually made it all the way to Target, three miles from my house!!  Needless to say, I don't get out much when I'm home.

As you all know, my cooking skills can fluctuate radically, so when I saw this article on How To Cook A Turkey, I had to post it.  It's not your eyes, it's just a little fuzzy because I enlarged it.  This is pretty much how my Grandmother used to cook her turkey!
I made up my holiday grocery list as I watched the Raiders lose a GREAT football game yesterday.  Even though I don't have company for Thanksgiving, I cook a huge traditional meal just for me.  It keeps me off the streets and I LOVE leftover turkey sandwiches.  As for Christmas shopping, I only have three gifts to buy, all done on the internet and shipped.  Which reminds me, I better get that done!!

More rain hit central California last night, about half an inch at my house.  It's funny how everyone panics when we get a little rain and snow nowadays.  In the ancient days when fuel was 50 cents a gallon (I know, I'm dating myself), we routinely had 11-12 feet of snow in the Sierras.  You had to look up to see the tops of the snow banks at the side of the road.  I guess I'm the only one who remembers that however, because we now receive dire warnings every day about all the rain and snow headed our way.

My little Verizon Jetpack is working great.  The other service would be WAY slow in the afternoons, but this one, even with only one or two bars, is extremely fast.  It does have one drawback however.  I discovered this morning that you actually have to plug it in and keep the battery charged!!  I KNEW that, I just didn't DO it!!

It's terribly foggy in the Central Valley this morning, as is usual after a good rain, so if you are traveling this direction, please be careful and drive safely.


  1. Noticed the other day while going over an overpass that I could see snow on the mountains...can't wait till it clears up and see what it looks like now (but I also don't mind if the rain keeps going for a few more days either.) Yes, I remember those big snow Sunday my sister and I drove up 50, over to 80 and back down again. It was a sunny very early spring day, and the snow bank(s) made my car look very small (well, it was a VW bug, so it was small).

    Love the turkey cooking directions...Marcia laughed as I read them to her.

    As for the aircard, I found that you do have to let the battery run down now and then and recharge it. I do that once a month or so. Replacement batteries are not that expensive through Amazon when you need one.

    1. Thanks Dave ... I didn't know the battery could be replaced. Not so with my old Sprint MiFi. And I'm so glad I made Marcia laugh!!! That made my day!!!! Enjoy the rain!!

  2. A few years ago my husband and I sat down and talked about Thanksgiving and what we need related to the dinner. Now he makes pumpkin pie from scratch then we buy a precooked turkey breast or two and fresh bread. We skip the too much food regime and go right for the turkey sandwiches and pumpkin pie. It's a meal to be grateful for since we have the best tastes, no huge pile of dirty dishes, and no leftovers to learn to hate before we use them all up.

    1. That's the best idea I've heard in ages Linda!! You're right ... turkey and pie is my favorite and of course no dishes comes in a close second!! I think I'm going to do the same this year. Thank you!!