Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sea, Sand And Air!!

Looking for driftwood for some craft projects, I set out for Driftwood Shores.  You would think with that name, there would be driftwood, right??  Wrong .... there were a few old large logs along with lots of sea and sand, but none of the smaller pieces I'm looking for.
Fog was again coming off the beach in it's mysterious way.  Heceta Beach is HUGE ... and seems to go on forever.  If you want some alone beach time, this is a good place to go.  I saw may 10 people.
A few locals were hanging out too.  I took this picture of the bird ... then discovered the ugly thing laying in the sand.  Cigarette butts hurt wildlife.  Please dispose of them in a garbage can ... not on the beach.  
From there I went to Big Dog Donuts, near 12th street, across from the Elks Lodge downtown. These guys know how to make donuts!!!  I purchased a dozen and a half HUGE pieces of scrumptiousness to repay the guys at Les Schwab for fixing my car, at the suggestion of friend and fellow RV'er Dave Burdick.  It brought a big smile to everyone working there.  Funny, somehow while they were in the back seat of my Jeep, one jumped out into a food container on the seat.
When I got home and discovered it, I couldn't possibly return it.  Donuts for lunch!!  YUMMY!  This baby wasn't filled with just a little custard either ... there was almost a full cup inside this maple beauty ... and it was gone in a flash!!!
To work off the donut from heaven, I decided to walk around the Garden Shop down the street.  What a beautiful nursery, with hundreds of gorgeous plants.  They have some unusual statuary I wanted, but they were all a little too heavy for my rig (which I'd love to show you, but my phone battery died).
Something they had a lot of ... and isn't heavy at all ... was air plants.  How could I possible go wrong with these??  Just spritz with water every few weeks and make sure they get lots of air.  I haven't seen this variety before ... looks pretty much like my hair!!
The larger version of this one was blooming with a spectacular pink flower stalk, but $115 is a little high.  This one at $35 is maybe 8-9 inches across.  If it happens to fall on the floor, there will be no mess to clean up ... there's no dirt.  It lives off water and air ....  Weird!!!  I think I can handle that!!
I'm off early this morning to Harrisburg ... wish me luck!!  If you're going anywhere this week, please drive carefully.  All the crazies seem to be on the road!!!


  1. Just gotta love it! Nothing like saying "thanks" better than a box of donuts for mechanics, that's for sure.

    1. It was a great idea Dave ..... can't thank you enough. They loved them!!!