Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Old Cowgirls!!

I want to be Constance when I grow up!!  Her philosophy and mine go hand in hand ... just keep on truckin' !!!  I think that's why I love this RV crowd so much ... they don't let any grass grow under their feet.  The best way to stay young is to keep moving as much as possible, sometimes when you don't even want to.

That's what I did yesterday when I ran another 3.25 miles.  I tried to come up with several reasons NOT to get outside and get my heart rate up ... like maybe my foot hurts, it's too cold, I'm tired because I didn't sleep well ... all the usual stuff like it's too sunny, it's too windy, it's too hot!!!  In the end, once I'm on the road, I feel better, except for my sore legs and side ache from eating too much spicy food!!  I didn't even feel my black and blue foot, bruised from the trunk falling on it.

It's hard to get a mindset and get it done ..... but in the end, even though I ran a circle in front of my house for the last quarter mile, I always feel like I really accomplished something ... and I can breathe so much better!!  In spite of the discomfort, I always feel better ... the best part of course is when you get to stop!!!
Next on my list of accomplishments will be this Cowboy Cupcake.  This is EXACTLY why I have to run!!!  Not only do I make them, I eat them!!  Pretty cute ... a potato chip and gum drop!!
The countdown begins today for this old cowgirl ... the ranch cleanup is done and I meet with the realtor this Thursday.  That's a big load off my mind ... now I can concentrate on getting my housesitter set up, along with packing the last few items, and of course the food!!  Unfortunately I have to wash the rig one more time, if it's not too sunny, or too windy, or too hot, or .............!!!  It won't be long till this old gal hits the trail again!!


  1. Good Luck on selling the ranch. I know it will be a tremendous relief to you on many levels. Regarding the "old cowgirl", I beg to differ. I've seen you in a hot air balloon. Cowgirl yes. Old cowgirl, No. Jim

    1. Why thank you pardner for the kind words!! LOL I wonder if Constance at 102 has flown in a balloon?? Maybe I'm one up on her!!