Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bingo On A Full Moon!!!

There's many words that shouldn't go together in the same sentence ... Bingo and full moon are three of them!!  It was Magic Kingdom time last night and I dutifully headed out to my position of Kingdom Cashier, not giving it a second thought.  That was a mistake!!  I was unprepared!!
Arriving at the palace, I spotted a big crowd of peasants at the drawbridge gate, so I quietly tiptoed down the ramp to the dungeon door, which happened to be open as the Libation Chief packed away cases and cases of mead.  It's 3:30 and I have an hour to chase down the Keeper Of The Vault so I can access my supplies.

When the door was finally opened at 4:30 pm, the crowd rushed the castle ramparts and literally ran full speed to the tables, grabbing chairs and space, which has been at a premium lately with so many new players.  We should have seen that as a sign, but instead, we merrily welcomed everyone to our little station.  Little did we know what was to come!!

I admit, most people are VERY nice, but there is always one .... you know??  Here's how it works ... they get to pick their cards, I go through their stack and count everything, calling out each game (and the number of games) to the Lawyer, who rings it up on the cash register and takes the money.  She's been doing this for three weeks now, since we wanted her to have lots of practice before I left.  

The first sign of tension came when one of the peasants started yelling out what she had, along with the normal 100+ decibels from conversation down the line.  The Lawyer asked her to please be quiet so she could hear me ... which got her nose out of joint VERY quickly!!  In short order, she became a raving maniac ... I kid you not ... and we almost had to call in the guards!!  

With her gone, there was lots of pushing and pulling as the people a little further down the line fought for a chance to grab the card they KNOW is going to win!!  Pretty soon another peasant came up, jumped in the middle of the line and started complaining about how her mom didn't get all her tickets, nor the dobber she paid for, as she waived her receipt in my face.  As I explained to her, we cannot give her more tickets nor another dobber, since her mother was standing there as we counted them all out.  She began to get louder and louder, topped off with belligerent!!  

Here's the deal ... they think if they get loud enough, we'll give them what they want.  The old cowgirl wasn't born yesterday and knows a scam when she sees one.  Since her mother was the ONLY person to buy that color of marker, we both knew she DID receive it (we might not have remembered if she had waited a little longer).  Come on folks, it's a dollar!!  You're trying to bully me into giving you a dollar!!!  I bet that works for her a lot!

We ignored her and she flounced off, only to jump one of the guards and complain some more!!  It was then that I remembered ... it's a FULL MOON!!  Not only are all the crazies out, but they have invaded the Magic Kingdom!!  We all laughed ... kind of a maniacal scream actually, and finished out the night!!  WHEW!!!  I'm glad THAT'S over!!!  Hopefully it won't happen for another year so we can recover from the onslaught!!

I'm sanitizing the water tank today ... wish me luck, since that didn't work out too well last time, although my concrete driveway is VERY clean and sanitized!!  The rig is in need of another wash, battery check, oil check, trani fluid check ..... I better go find my list!!


  1. Safe travels...for now, we are in "fixing" mode again. Probably be in Sacto area for another few weeks since family stuff came up too. Have a good time. --Dave

    1. Thanks Dave ... sure looked your puppies were happy about the cancellation!!!