Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brookings To Bandon!!

It was a good day in RV-Land yesterday as I moved further up the coast to Bandon.   Hwy 101 is either uphill or downhill, keeping you on your toes and keeping me between 45 and 50, regardless of the 55mph speed limit.  There are lots of humps and bumps in the road and many sections of sunken roadway.  Luckily there are also MANY passing lanes so I had no worries and traffic was light.

I arrived at the Bandon RV Park in the middle of town where they were waiting for me with a pull through site.  This Park ROCKS ... and it's all about the people and their good service!!  Yes it's small and right on the noisy highway ... but by 9:30pm the road traffic stopped completely!!  Managers John and Shirley Cook, along with Laura and Michael Bowman have made this the best place I've stayed.  The $27 a night with Good Sam discount was well worth it!!

First off ... lunch!!!  Meet Henry!!  He's clearly visible in Old Town, made up of flotsam and jetsam picked up on the beaches here.  In fact, there is an entire museum of junk made into amazing things that I will check out later.  Bring a plastic bag and help them gather junk!
Half a block behind Henry is the Bandon Fish Market.  Believe me, you will miss something really special if you don't stop here!!  There's lots of inside and outside seating, along with the best halibut and chips I've ever had, and that includes Alaska!!
This is one order ... more than enough for two people!!  Huge pieces of halibut, juicy and flakey ... along with fries and cole slaw!!!  YUM YUM and YUM again!!!  RV parking is at the end of the street, or if in your car, behind the building.
From there I wandered down to Bandon South Jetty County Park across from the Coquille River Lighthouse.  There's plenty of parking and turnaround room here for your RV where you can park and walk the beautiful beaches.
Butts up is the word here, although there really weren't many people.  Small boats went in and out of the harbor as I listened to the sad ring of the bell designating the mouth of the river.
From County Park, turn right and you will continue down the coastline on Beach Loop Road to many pullouts and parking areas.  This is face rock ... it looks like she's coming up out of the water.  Although there are places to park RV's (a tour bus came by at Face Rock), this is better seen in a car.
On the other side is Elephant Seal ... every rock here has a name.  There is access to the beaches at every parking area ... and it's GORGEOUS!!!  
All around the area are deer munching down on green grass.  Not the least bit afraid, I walked pretty close to this baby for pictures!!  
About that time, I received an email from my Realtor that needed to be addressed, so I drove back to the RV park, where frustration quickly set in.  My new computer wouldn't recognize the HD printer I have.  After two hours of pulling my hair out, which I really couldn't afford to lose, I walked to the office and asked if they had any way to print.  

Here's where the good service came in ... they immediately hooked my computer up to their printer and I went to town ... 16 pages printed just like that!!  That kind of service doesn't happen very often!!  I thanked them profusely and went back to my rig.  

It was then that I found out we have an offer on the ranch!!  EUREKA!!!  I traipsed back to the office and they offered their printer and scanner for the rest of my stay!!  WOW!!!  What nice people!!

The good news is that finally, after three hours and 25 tries this morning, I got my computer to download the printer drivers and my printer/scanner is working!!!  Another 30 minutes and I had it working wirelessly!!  TA DA!!!!!!

I'm off to the West Coast Game Park Safari today ... the neatest place EVER where I will get to pet the babies, usually including tigers and bears ... OH MY!!!

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