Friday, June 26, 2015

ICE CREAM .... It's What's For Dinner!!

I'm getting ahead of myself a little though ... I woke up yesterday in Bandon Oregon at beautiful 5:00 am, not sure if it was the puppies or the logging trucks getting an early start that woke me up.  No matter, I like this RV Park and the people here provide great service ... I'll be back for sure!!

In the morning, I spent a couple hours knitting this scarf my friend Patty Chance gave me for my birthday.  I know, my knitting is about as good as my cooking ... but I thought I'd give it a shot once again, and this time it seems to be going well!!
Not able to sit long though, I headed to Old Town Bandon to check out the shops.  With the stress of the ranch sale and talking to my tenants who have to move in 60 days, nothing makes me feel better than a little therapeutic shopping!!  First, I ordered another round of halibut and chips, with cole slaw that had cranberries in it, from the Bandon Fish Market.  Delicious!!!  Then I found dessert!!!  Coastal Mist is a chocolate shop that has little mousse cakes, cheesecakes, cookies and all things wonderfully chocolate!!  This little morsel was downright crazy good!!
If a little chocolate can make me feel better, baskets made with local beach-found items can do wonders!!  This one is made by a native from Brookings with dried kelp.  Hey, I can do this!!  Isn't basket weaving good therapy??
Then I found THIS one!!  My adrenaline shot up and my stress level about having to remove my tenants from the property went down a little.  There's nothing like finding treasures!!!
This was the final moment of relaxation .... at least for one day.  It's made from pieces of driftwood found on the beaches around town and nailed together.  I'm pretty sure I can do this too .. what great therapy to relieve computer ... property sale ... notices ... tenant complaints ... can't get my printer to work ... STRESS!!!  It's a good thing I have the Realtor I do or I would be crying in a corner!!
Since milk is supposed to help you sleep at night, I figured ice cream would be a close second, so I wandered back to Face Rock Creamery for dinner!!  Yes ... DINNER!!  Piled 5 inches high and 4 inches wide (before I ate the top scoop), this did the trick!!!
Today I head on up the coast to Florence.  I originally planned on spending time in Coos Bay at the Mills Casino, but an FMCA rally has booked the entire park.  When I tried to join the rally just so I could spend the night there, THEY were sold out ... so I'll just wave at that really nice yarn shop as I drive by!!!


  1. I think ice cream is the perfect night time snack. Of course, it's not bad for breakfast either.

  2. Mills has an area for free overnight parking...hope you stopped to check it out instead of just going by. We have stayed there twice, parking lot, but free.

    1. Mills Casino RV park and the parking lot is totally booked by FMCA for a rally, Dave. I drove by on my way here to Florence and there was barely room to park a car, let alone an RV!!! Maybe next time!!!