Saturday, June 20, 2015

Butts Up On The Beach!!

There was no running yesterday, as I tried to work the knots out of my sore muscles from climbing Mt. Everest!!  It's a good sore though, so I really can't complain.  There's not a lot going on in Brookings, but there ARE many beaches where you can spend some quiet time.  My first stop was Lone Ranch Beach, just a few miles North.

It's a great beach, lots of beautiful sand and if the tide is out, tide pools to wander through.  The cold ocean water hitting the hot sand from the sun, resulted in immediate steam rising, making it kind of spooky.  One of my favorite sports is to go butts up and see what goodies and treasures I can find.  I probably saw all of five people at this beach, most of them butts up also!!
There are picnic tables here if you wish to bring a lunch, and definitely bring a couple of chairs.  Protected by the rocks, it's not windy, just a beautiful place to hang out.
All along the shoreline were these funny blue things ... maybe some kind of jellyfish??
There's lot of little tiny crabs ... this one bit the dust when he got caught on a sunny sandy patch.  When alive, they are such a dark brown color, they are barely visible.  If you carefully lift any rocks around the water, you will see them scurry away.
There were lots of snails, both in and out of the water.  These two are actually in the bottom of a three inch deep pool.  If you touch them and they move, there are probably hermit crabs inside.
The ocean waves make beautiful patterns on the beach ... each line the result of a tiny rock or piece of debris.
Treasures!!!  These will all go back to the beach today except the one bottom piece of sea glass.
My new friends the Youngs suggested I check out one of the antique stores in town, where many more treasures were reside.  Antique stores seem to be on their way out, as I'm finding fewer and fewer.  This small undersea pitcher by McCall was a real find however, adding to my collection of things on the shelves in the rig.
You KNOW I didn't forget the quilt shop, and there is a GREAT one here.  These designs and colors are just off the wall!!  They have many more traditional bolts since they expanded their store by almost double and the staff are very friendly and helpful!!  The prices are good too!!!
I had a peaceful evening (the sun doesn't go down here until about 9:00) until a lady with good intentions created a very bad situation and became a screaming maniac!!  It happens everywhere I suppose!!  She came to the Elks to drop off loads of cardboard in their collection bin, but let her dogs run loose in the process, including a large golden retriever, who promptly attacked a very small dog walking on a leash with her owner.  

The lady had the nerve to blame the man, and soon there was a screaming match.  All the while her dog is circling to get another shot at the puppy, just outside my rig.  It finally took two other elk members and me to get her and her dogs back in the car without further incident.  I wasn't sitting this one out when a poor defenseless puppy was at stake!!

Long story short, the lady finally left and puppy will be okay but had two teeth-mark bites on her side.  Please everyone .... even if  you think your dogs are the best behaved in the world, PLEASE keep them on a leash.  That could have been my Cooper out there, in which case she would have been flat on her back on the ground after this mama bear put her cub away in the coach!

It's another gorgeous sunny day for exploring, but the last leg of a 212 mile relay race is being staged here today, meaning traffic will be horrible.  I want to check out Port Orford, but it's closer to my next stop than this one, so today I'll just hang out in the rig and bake ... in my new Breville oven!!  Wish me luck!!!


  1. Thanks for your posts Nancy. I sure appreciate it since hubs and I are headed that way. I'm also an antique fan and a quilter so I love it when you find those shops for me!

    Take care -

    1. You are so welcome Neel ... it sure makes it easier when someone's already been there!!!