Friday, June 5, 2015

There's Always A New Scam ...

I don't know about you, but I've been getting more and more cell phone calls from scam artists, even though I'm on the National Do Not Call List.  Yesterday was a first however, when I heard these three little letters ...
Those words Internal Revenue Service always send a chill down my spine.  I don't know why because I don't cheat on my taxes.  It's like the Gestapo or SS Troops are after you ... they're just going to torture you and take everything you own!!

The call went something like this:   The IRS has filed lawsuit against you.  Call this number immediately!!  206-801-5201  (Click ... they hung up)

The number posted on my phone's screen said it was 86500009132000863.  That's a phone number I didn't quite recognize!!!  So today's post is just to AGAIN warn everyone that these guys are out there doing everything they possibly can to separate you from your hard earned cash.  Do not ... I repeat DO NOT call these idiots.  If IRS wanted to contact you, they would not do it by phone!!  They don't file lawsuits anyway, they just impound your bank account!!

The dead giveaway is always language.  It's file "A" lawsuit, you dummy!!!  I didn't call the number, but I WILL report them today ... not that it will do any good.  Maybe I will call after all and run a scam on them!!  That's always fun and entertaining for an hour or so!!

I did discover something however that has slowed some of the calls.  I've been receiving them from Arizona, Washington, New York ... all over the U.S.  So here's what I do on my iPhone ... you can add that number to your contact list ... I put them under the name Scammer 1, 2, etc ... then scroll down to the bottom and there's a key that says BLOCK THIS NUMBER.  I've been receiving less and less calls.

It's a shame that we have to resort to this, but I don't need to know all about Medicare's health plans, I'm already informed.  I did call these guys back to tell them NOT to call me and the recording said I was number 38 in line.  WOW ... 38 people were in line to possibly get scammed and buy something they didn't need!!   I know my Jeep extended warranty expired and obviously I chose not to renew it at your ridiculous prices, I'm not a Contractor any more since I let my license expire, so I don't need YOUR insurance and I certainly don't need any Viagra!!!

In fact, don't do business with ANY of these people over the phone ... just HANG UP!!   There's a million of them out there trying to loosen YOUR purse strings!!  Course you could always try to sell THEM something, like the pile of manure in my back yard ... you know, just for fun!!!  I take MasterCard and VISA!!!!


  1. Marcia has been getting phone calls...make that "was" getting phone calls pertaining to "locating people who have had certain surgeries...". She just hands me her phone, I answer with an accent, and quickly accuse the person on the phone of having an affair with my wife...and I get very upset. Finally a supervisor of these phone people called (from same number but with better English) and this time I say, "Why would my 17 year old wife have that type of surgery?" He says, "Marcia is only 17 years old?", and I reply, "Is there a problem with that....are you saying a 45 year old man cannot have a 17 year old wife? Are YOU trying to steal her away from me???" Let's just say, they stopped calling now.

    1. I LOVE it!!! It's fun to scam the scammers and telemarketers!!! I suppose most are just trying to make a living, but if I wanted their product, I would call THEM!! Sometimes I even say hello, can you hold please?? Then just put the phone down. Eventually they hang up.