Monday, June 8, 2015

A Frantic Last Day!!

My to-do list is getting longer and longer ... which is a BAD thing since it's the last day before I head out.  I thought I had everything under control so I could just sit back and relax!!  It was a balmy 74 degrees last night as the central valley oven begins the summer baking of it's occupants.  Time to get out of Dodge!!

I have to get busy cleaning the jacks on the rig, emptying and refilling the water tank, along with washing the front half, now covered with dirt.  I worked on the sprinklers most of the day yesterday, with a few more adjustments to be made today.

I discovered this morning that my porch light is full of cobwebs and dead critters, so I'll have to get that cleaned out before it blows a bulb.  Then it's off to get the documents signed for the Ranch sale, pick up my mail and some packages, then last minute groceries before collapsing on the couch.  My best laid plans for a relaxing pre-takeoff day never seem to work out!!

And I STILL haven't packed clothes or food!!  YIKES!!!  I better get busy!!!


  1. Nancy, the other day you commented that the cleaning of the fresh water tank had not been a success. What did you mean? What was the problem after you cleaned it and dumped the chlorine water? I found out that you are not supposed to leave the chlorine in the tank for more than a couple of hours. It can mess up the seals in the water pump. After I dump the first tank there is always a chlorine taste for the second and third tanks. We just fill three or four gallon jugs with water, leave them in the couch and use those for drinking water, cooking and coffee for the first several tanks. Just use the fresh tank for flushing the toilets and showers. By the fourth tank the fresh water is fine and we use it for everything. The 3 or 4 gallon jugs go underneath for use if the fresh water tank runs out while we are not hooked up. Also it is a good idea to label the jugs with the year so you know which ones are fresh and which are older. We sometimes put the prior years jugs underneath to use to flush the toilets if we run out of water while we are boondocking. Have a great trip. Jim

    1. Jim, the first time I cleaned the fresh water tank last year, I made a big mess and ended up with chlorine all over the driveway!! This time it worked fine!! I left it for two hours, dumped the tank, filled it with fresh water and let it sit overnight, then dumped it again. Even though its now full of fresh water, I don't drink it. I take along bottled water from my well. It's much more palatable compared to water from a chlorinated City supply!!