Friday, June 12, 2015

The Ladies of Eureka!!

No matter how I try to darken my bedroom windows, the puppies just know when light breaks the trees, which happens pretty early here ... like 4:45!!  Since it's still very cool at that time of the morning, I donned my running gear and did 30 laps around the parking lot.  Two and a half miles later, I was starving!!  A nice quiet breakfast (no one around here gets up until 9) from my lunch stash was followed by a trip to the grocery store to find breakfast material.

Since I read so much about William Carson, lumber magnate, my first stop of the day was his mansion.  Built in 1885, it is the most photographed example of Queen Anne style Victorian architecture in the U.S.  The pictures don't do it justice!!  The woodwork on this house is more than spectacular.  Bring a pair of binoculars to be amazed at the detail.
Why do you need binoculars you ask?  Because the house is owned by the Ingomar Club, purchased in the early 1950's.  Here's the kicker ... it's a private club organized to maintain the home in it's grandeur.  That's good, right??  But they are the only ones allowed to enjoy the grandeur they are maintaining.  They do allow bridge groups to meet, occasionally have weddings,  pool parties and Easter Brunch (semi formal attire required), who knows at what cost, but no one else is allowed inside.  What a shame!!
You can click on this picture to enlarge it and see some of the amazing detail!!  Apparently Mr. Carson had this home built to keep over 100 of his employees working during a downturn in the lumber business.  
Here's two terrible images I downloaded from the internet, just to give you an idea of the inside hallway and magnificent staircase with stained glass windows.

In 1885 William and Sarah Carson built the Pink Lady right across the street, for their son John Milton's wedding present.  Another amazing example of workmanship, you can get a little closer to this beautiful lady.
What I wouldn't give to live here.  I think I must have lived in the 1800's because I love the houses, clothes and horse drawn buggies so much!!
You too can be the proud owner of an historical landmark and not let anyone see inside!!  The Pink Lady is for sale at a measly $1,087,000.  Yessiree ... she's available, including a huge back yard, completely landscaped, along with a carriage house that would make a great quilt shop!!  I'd give up RV'ing forever if I could swing THIS property and spend the rest of my life furnishing it!!  Eureka would be happy too, since I would keep their local economy going with paint and repairs!!  Where's my Prince Charming when I need him??
There are many more "ladies" around the area ... by that I mean houses.  Yes, there are some of those other kinds of ladies too ... I saw at least four walking in Old Town.  All of the "Victorian" ladies seem to be Bed and Breakfast establishments.  See?  I could write off everything as a business!!!
As you drive around Eureka, there are many MANY murals, but few places to park for pictures.  This is the back of the Cultural Arts Center ... an amazing piece of artwork!!
You can even find murals down the alleys!!  Just take a slow drive up and down all the streets to see a wonderful array of art on the walls!!
There's more to see and do here than I have time for, but I'll do my best and pack in as much action as I can!!  Today I head to Ferndale ... antique capitol of the North!!

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