Thursday, June 25, 2015

Much More To See Around Bandon .....

With my wild animal fix in my back pocket and a little remaining manure on my shoes, I headed south to Cape Blanco Lighthouse.  Unfortunately I was a day early and missed the tours which happen Wednesday through Monday, 10:00-3:15 pm.  It's a beautiful site, but a little walk from the parking lot.
I should have known it was the wrong day because there was absolutely no traffic on the 6 mile road to get here.  I spent 30 minutes completely alone enjoying the scenery!!
There's access to the beaches, but no real path to follow.  The shark's tooth sea stack was all alone today ... 
I admit, the REAL reason I came this far south to Port Orford was to check out the Crazy Norwegian's fish and chips, right on Hwy 101.  Unfortunately it was a bad day for staff.  Even though the lunch crowd was gone, they were rather rude when they told me not to touch the menu sitting on an empty table.  I was finally allowed to check out a different menu and placed my order, which I had to pay for immediately.
Hmmmm no receipt ... oh well.  Ten minutes later I came back as instructed and was asked to pay again by a second waitress.  No, I already paid, as she looked at the ticket and rolled her eyes.  Shortly, MY waitress came back with my order and said that will be $11.45.  NO ... I already paid!!!  Remember??  "Oh we just like to charge everyone twice!!!" was the response, which I didn't really think was very funny.  At any rate, there was lots of food, no utensils and no napkins.  All in all, no where NEAR as good as Bandon Fish Market.
Across the street is another of my favorite quilt stores ... this one full of the latest fabrics and quilt designs and the most helpful staff ever!!  Quilter's Corner has everything you need and ladies who know their stuff to help you find anything you want ... I think they enjoyed picking out fabric as much as I did!!
On the way home, I stopped in Langois at Wild Rivers Wool Factory and picked up a couple skeins for knitting.  I know, my knitting skills are worse than my cooking!!  This Needle Travel book was a great buy, found by Miss Terry at $9.95.  Unfortunately for me, it was marked up to $16.00 by the time I stopped in!!  I found out later, sometimes it's good to shop around!!
Back in Bandon, the RV Park personnel had recommended the cheese factory .... mostly for the ice cream they sell!!  Again, they were right on the money!!  Face Rock Creamery is another MUST see ... and taste!!!  I arrived just in time for the clean up process, but no matter ... I got to taste their wonderful cheeses.  They have freezers full of smoked mac 'n cheese and cases overflowing with squeaky flavored cheese curds!!
The most important part however, is the ice cream counter.  You definitely have to stop here!!  I got the best chocolate peanut butter and black walnut ice cream I've ever had ... about four huge scoops in a "childs" cup for $2.00.  That's right, two dollars!!  Baskin Robins would charge $8.00 for the same!!  
With cup in hand, I went upstairs to relax by the windows and watch the world go by on Hwy 101.  This is the view from the balcony of all the cheese they have for sale.  The vats for making that cheese can be seen threw the windows.  There's also many bottles of bbq sauce, pie filling, salad dressing, syrup, etc.
If you can't stay in Bandon for a day or so, at least pull in to the big gravel parking lot across the street and come have some great ice cream.  
My last stop of the day was the Wool Company here in Bandon.  Again the service was amazing!!  The owner spent over an hour helping me choose an easy pattern for a felted purse and gave me a coffee cup for stopping in!!  This is the kind of store I'll come back to every time!!  She has everything you need for knitting, felting, weaving and craft projects.  She also has that Needle Travel book listing every yarn and wool store in the United States ... for $9.95, the suggested retail price!!  RATS!!!!!
Lastly, the service at Bandon RV Park is again over the top.  I really needed to receive my mail since I was waiting for a rent check.  When I spoke to Shirley and John, they enthusiastically said "heck yeah" ... have your mail sent here!!  Two days later, John delivered it to my door.  This park definitely goes on my BEST EVER place to stay in Oregon and I'll be back for sure!!

One last picture from West Coast Animal Park ... here's part of the reason you watch where you step!!!
It's going to be laundry and catch up day as I deal with renter problems due to the ranch sale and check my bank accounts to be sure there's enough money for the next quilt/wool/ice cream store adventure!!


  1. Next time we are up the Oregon Coast, we will need to spend more time in this area. It is a nice community, but there are so many nice communities along the Oregon Coast.

    1. It's beautiful here Dave, and not crowded because everyone just drives on through. A great place to spend some quiet beach time!!