Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WARNING!!! Lots of Cute Animal Pictures!!

This is the reason I chose to stay in Bandon.  The West Coast Game Park Safari lives here, just 7 miles south of town.  It's a MUST on your bucket list.  There's plenty of room for RV's at the end of the parking lot if you get here early.  Otherwise, it's more than worth the cost of an overnight stay in one of many RV parks.
Here's the first beauty of the day.  Most of the big cats have been raised here.  It's partly a breeding facility to provide animals to zoos and education facilities around the world.
The bengal and white tigers are gorgeous ... two of my favorites to photograph.  The best however, is yet to come!!
At THIS animal park, you can pet just about everything except the big animals.  That includes Bonnie here, a three month old black bear.
They love the milk ... which keeps them occupied while you pet them on the back ONLY.  Cute as a button, they can be rather rambunctious!!  One at a time, small groups of three or four people are allowed in.  I'm a pretty small group so I went in by myself to mostly take pictures, with an occasional pat on the back thrown in.
This is Clyde ... they get this milk supplement several times a day, but the best time to come check them out is upon opening.  Sometimes 9:30, sometimes 10:00 am and don't believe the internet.  Either call or stop in on your way to Bandon.
Once the milk is gone, water buckets keep them going until the last person gets to be up close and personal!!
This magnificent cougar just heard the alarm clock go off and was yawning while doing his morning calisthenics!!
These cutie pies are everywhere!!  They've been pretty prolific since I was here last.  If you would like to feed them, grab an ice cream cone full of goodies at the counter before you enter.  It's well worth the 50 cents to let the kids, or you, feed them.  
This beautiful pea hen was taking her baby peacock for a walk around the park.  Several other moms were still sitting on their nests.
These guys are everywhere ... and this baby got some food on his back, which he proceeded to lick off once I let him know it was there!! 
Even the donkeys are very friendly and will let anyone pet them.  Just stay away from the back end if you please.  They love to have their foreheads rubbed.
This is the baby fox you can pet.  He's just learning about that thing called a collar, but doesn't mind being petted.
Last time I got to have Bob the bobcat sit in my lap and rub all over me.  I was in seventh heaven.  This time it was a Canadian lynx baby, just 7 weeks old.  What a cutie pie.  You sit on the log like a nice human and the handler will set her in your lap (while she eats).  Sooooo soft.  Lucky for me, she had finished the bottle and I got to hold her on my lap, then she crawled to my shoulder where she snuggled up as I scratched her chin.  It just doesn't get any better than this!!
It's hard to believe they are wild animals ... she looks just like a baby kitten.  
Another of the big guys ... he grunted and roared before taking a two hour nap!!  Yup ... I was there for over three hours.  I may move here just so I can work with the babies!!
These two ferret buddies can be picked up and cuddled .....
along with this baby opossum.  This sweetheart climbed up on my shoulder and snuggled right in.  Must be something about my shoulder!!
Peppy Le Peu is the resident skunk.  He's obviously a good eater and doesn't get much exercise.  He can still waddle pretty fast though!!
More kitty babies ... this African Serval is just a baby too.  Their instinct is to attack anything moving, so quick movements are not a good thing.  She loves to play and attack anything on the end of a stick. 
Soft like a kitty, if you sit on the floor with your legs straight out, she will run across your legs so you can pet her ... on the back ONLY!!  Otherwise, they think your hand is a toy to be attacked!!
The star of the show this summer is Tatiana ... a bengal tiger baby.  She gets lots of milk every day, full of vitamins and protein for her growing body.  Being a baby, she's still a little on the thin side.  Last time I was here they had a very rambunctious 5 month old ... as big as a full grown labrador dog.
I could have sat in here with her all day.  I got to pet her for quite some time since no one else was in line.  381 pictures later, I was still going strong.
Once the milk was gone, the water bucket came out, which she promptly turned over and attacked!!
Just like a kitten, she chewed and batted it around the enclosure.
With a short attention span, she went for the green rag and kicked with her back feet while clawing with her front.  It's hard to remember they are wild animals and could take your finger off if they wanted ... or maybe your head!!

How could you not love a face like this??  Unfortunately, they all grow up to be killers, and even if you raised them, they can turn on you in a flash, as has happened many times.  In the meantime, it's sure fun to be up close and personal!!
This is Todd ... a permanent resident here.  He's two years old ... being just a baby the last time I was here to pet him.  
He does tricks for bits of apple ... I think this was just a cry for more!!
Todd is the King of the Mountain here at the animal park ... and he'd love if you came to visit him, leaving as many dollars as possible so he and his buddies can continue to get apple snacks.
This is seriously the best experience you can have around wild animals.  Oh I forgot to tell you ... watch where you step, because the 35 goats, 5 donkeys, 20 sheep, 25 deer, 5 llamas and umpteen peacocks all run around in the same space you do.  Don't panic like the girl at the hand washing station who stepped in something kind of big.  Unfortunately, her boyfriend just wasn't getting it clean enough, no matter how much he washed her tennis shoe.  Just watch where you step!!!


  1. Nancy, there is no way to watch your step, take 381 pictures (why only 381?), pet all those animals, let them snuggle your neck and have such a great time. Just plan on washing your shoes before you get back in the rig. Some of the pictures you showed could have been taken by Gail at our last two visits to that place. It is amazing how many animals they produce there. On our last trip we heard that the babies they produce there generally go to other zoos and that the babies are generally born elsewhere and raised there in Bandon. Beautiful facility and you did a great job showing it in your pictures. Thanks, Jim

    1. Thanks Jim. It's an amazing place I will return to again and again.

  2. My granddaughter Leesha works here

    1. Really Betty?? That's SO cool!!! She definitely works in a awesome place!!!

  3. I'm friends with Patty Chance and she told me how wonderful your pictures are. They are terrific! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much!! I just love taking pictures at this facility!

  4. Replies
    1. You won't be disappointed Jan ..... especially when they put one of those babies on your lap!!!

  5. Hi Nancy - thanks again for this post - Hubs and I are headed south on 101 and will try to make this a stop! And thanks for the heads up on the creamery and the quilt/yarn shops!