Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Pineapple Express!!

The Pineapple Express is headed to town, kind of like Santa Claus.  Least that's what they call the weather headed our direction.  The warm winds from Hawaii are keeping our temperatures higher than normal, but bringing lots of rain and snow to the higher mountains.  There has been many flooded streets in the small towns that have received from 5-8 inches of rain.  That suits me just fine since it's been keeping the nighttime temperatures in the high 40's and the days close to 60.

For once my timing was pretty good ... the time share I sold (basically gave away) in Kihei Hawaii will soon have a large increase in yearly cost.  It appears that big earthquake caused a tsunami on the island of Maui a couple of days ago.  Not the biggest ever, but big enough to flood the small town, including businesses and condos.  I don't ever remember that happening before.  Repairs will probably be costly, which of course are paid for by the "owners".

Magic Kingdom night went as expected.  The television's couldn't be programmed to show the numbers and the entire Bingo machine broke down, LOSING all the numbers up to that point.  Talk about a rowdy crowd!!  Apparently someone accidently hit the wrong switch.  When I stepped outside, I saw why.  A full moon (or almost full) was causing us a lot of distress.  There's nothing worse than a crazed angry bingo lady.

With other bingo games closing down for Christmas, we had lots of new people.  That's good.  Unfortunately, the "old folks" like to complain about the newbies.  That's bad!!  From the time we started until we ended at 10:15 it was a madhouse.  It's a good thing we are off for two weeks so everyone can recuperate!!
I'm off early this morning.  Santa called at midnight.  Yup ... midnight!!!!  His sleigh broke down and he needs a ride to some local schools for candy cane distribution.  I almost said no ... I hate candy canes ... but what can you say when SANTA is calling in distress.  I was a little disturbed when he said something about helping him get into his suit.  Sorry Santa, you're on your own in that department.

Up, up and AWAY!!!!!


  1. I saw that Tahoe got billions (11 billion I think) of gallons of water in just 2-3 days, and is now full...amazing how 'Nature' is. But I think the drought is still hitting central California, so I hope you all get lots and lots of rain, but no flooding.

    1. It's been crazy the amount of rain so far. The main streets of towns around Auburn have been flooding with over a foot of water. Today is the "big one" ... and I have to drive to Fresno. I'm really hoping they are wrong this time. That much water will cause a lot of damage.