Friday, December 9, 2016


Unfortunately, I've got to run ... another Elks Challenged Children's lunch with over 200 kids.  It's a good thing lots of the food is INSTANT (Stove Top stuffing and canned yams)!!!!  I don't have too much trouble with that!!  Will come back and finish this blog in a couple of hours!!

That was a pretty long couple of hours.  Whew!!!  What a day!  To begin with, on Thursday, I headed off to the Doctor's office for blood tests.  Needles aren't my thing unless I'm on the giving end with my animals.  Good news was that I got right in at 8:00 ... first appointment of the day.  Bad news was it took her DOUBLE sticks to get the pint of blood they took, along with small talk about if it still hurts, there's a tendon there that I might have stuck the needle into, so we'll just stop and use the other arm.  Okay!!!

By then my blood pressure was so high the vein was highly visible, making for a quick extraction.  From there, I went into town to pick up my latest quilt.  Fall has finally come to Central California as the leaves on the trees are gorgeous.  We might have missed it altogether since it's now back to 60 degree nights and rain.
As usual, I was ready to pass this quilt off on to an unsuspecting individual until I saw the work my quilter did.  It's just amazing to me how a ho-hum quilt can become something fabulous after she has done her magic.  RATS!!  Now I have to come up with another Christmas present.  Lo and behold, sitting on her table was a beautiful quilt that looked like bubbles.  She told me her secret was simple, full length strips of fabric purchased at Joann's for 50% off, and sewn together.

I ran, drove actually, to the store, found most of the same fabric and raced home.  In two hours I had another quilt and my Christmas present problem solved.  She will work her magic in about a week, just in time for Christmas mail.  The good news is I have enough left over to make another one if it's one I just can't live without!!
For now, I'm going to go have a second cup of coffee and recover from the Challenged Children.  THAT was a hectic day to say the least!!  I also have the "perfect turkey" recipe to pass along.


  1. Can't wait for that turkey recipe. I have one in the freezer waiting.

    1. It was definitely the best turkey I've ever eaten!!