Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It Could Be Worse .....

No one likes to be sick.  Especially me, and especially me at Christmas.  It happens every year however.  I thought I would slip through the Holidays with the skin of my teeth, but apparently I was still too close.  It could be worse I suppose.  That's what my Mom used to say.  It could be worse, you could have a broken leg.  I'd really be in trouble then!!

It could be worse ... I could be sitting on the couch watching television when my dog throws up on me.  That would bring on a level of wrenching never before felt with a throat already on fire.

It could be worse ... you could change your clothes and clean up the mess, only to discover when you sat down on the couch that you didn't get it all ... meaning ANOTHER change of clothes and more throwing up.

It could be worse because now you have two loads of wash to do and an hour of work getting the stains out of the couch.

It could be worse when you walk outside and bring the garbage cans in, only to have the garage door jam in the open position.  Well that's not good!!

It could be worse when you spray everything with WD40, only to accidentally grab the red cord to release the door and get drug along the concrete floor trying to keep it from crashing to the bottom.

It could be worse because now you have to fix the door yourself ... up on the ladder, in the cold, coughing all the while.

It could be worse ... you could be awake all night long as you coughed your brains out until the earthquake hit that resulted in a few hackles being raised.  The entire house shook and creaked making me think someone was breaking in.

It could be worse ... you could be stalking around the house with a gun hoping your addled brain was just imagining things.

It could be worse because you have a hair appointment today and the last thing you want to do is go sit there for two hours, but there are no other appointments available.

It could always be worse my friends ...... I'll be on the couch!!


  1. Is it ok to do have the gun put away, right??? So very sorry for your ordeal.

    All those 30+ years living in Sacramento...and all the many many visits since, and I have yet to feel an earthquake. Was cooking in the restaurant one day with a friend and all the sudden we realize everyone is hushed...we look out and see the hanging lights moving back and forth, but we did not feel a thing because we were on this wooden slated mat which apparently cushioned the shaking so that we did not feel it.

    1. Dave, we don't get them often, in fact it's pretty rare where I live. I can tell where the epicenter is by the type of shaking. Swaying back and forth, making you nauseous is Southern California quakes. Sharp bumps, like yesterday, are Nevada quakes. Always a fun experience!!

  2. I'm hoping all those events did not really happen. I'm also hoping you don't have the flu I got last year that made me cough so hard I couldn't catch a breath so started thinking tracheotomy. The doctor prescribed an inhaler that helped a lot when added to my cough drops.

  3. Feeling your pain and laughing out loud at the same time.

    1. It's okay ... you can laugh. That's what keeps me going!!!