Saturday, December 31, 2016

Eagle Cam ......

As a nature photographer, this stuff is the bees knees to me.  I could watch this all day long ... and I DID!!  I can finally see a little light at the end of the tunnel.  The head trauma from beating my head against the wall due to the extreme pressure, should heal in no time.  The cough continues, but is reduced to five times a minute versus the 20 times that didn't allow for breathing in between.

The bad news is I'm healing up enough I'll be able to vacuum the house before I leave next week.  I was really hoping to be able to skip that part.  I may still be able to put it off, after all, I have LOTS of stuff to pack before launch.

Back to the eagles, Mom Harriet spent most of the day on the nest, not wanting to give dad a shot at all.  He kept messing up the ambience, moving sticks the wrong way.  You know how it is when it comes to moving the furniture.
Dad's job was to bring home dinner, which he did.  This should be nice and putrified by the time baby arrives.  Babies live off the yolk for a day or so, then immediately scream for food.  There is no regurgitation in the Eagle family, they eat raw meat right off the bat, even as tiny babies.  Unfortunately, with all of Mom's nest fluffing (which she did a LOT of), the fish got covered up.  
These guys look kind of small, but the nest is 6-7 feet across and Mom Harriet is about three feet long.  The eggs are about the size of a tennis ball.  As it happened, there was a very good camera operator on yesterday, who allowed me to get some great shots.
By the way, if you watch this live feed, pay attention to your gigabyte usage.  On my Verizon WiFi, I only pay for 8 gigs a month.  Streaming video will run that out in two days.  I upped my usage allotment for an additional $20 before realizing ... why do that when I have an unlimited phone account!!  Plus, I can get better pictures with my phone!!

As you can see, one egg pipped.  Usually a 35 day process, it's only been 33 days for these babies to begin hatching.  
This was the money shot for yesterday.  I could actually see the baby's beak and watch him breath.  I sent a high five message to the camera operator!!  
Bright and early this morning we have BABY EAGLET #9.  That is the ninth baby to be born in this nest since the camera operations began.  This is baby's head laying right next to those sharp talons.  The dark spot is his eye, with his beak under Dad's claw.  
Here's another interesting tidbit.  Eaglet #7 who still hangs around the area, got irritated with a crow that was bothering the nest.  Crow is now deceased.   I'm not sure if this is the remains of crow or not, but I did see black feathers going down the hatch.
Mom Harriet didn't want to leave the nest.  She spent a lot of time pulling up the edges around herself making the nest deeper and fluffing it underneath for baby.  We have not been able to see if the second egg has pipped since half of the first egg is now covering part of the second.  
As I cough and hack, I'll be back on the couch, making a trip or two to the motorhome as I can.  My ticket to the New Years Eve Murder Mystery will remain unused.  RATS!!  I was really looking forward to that!  Especially the dessert auction part!  

I'll try to get some better baby pictures today.  They will be much more interesting to look at than my dirty floor.  I'll be on the couch ..... again!!


  1. Bald eagle habitat in the state of California are basically in the northern portion central, Unable to find out how many breeding pair
    In the state of Florida there are 1500 breeding pair in 2015 There's probably about eight or nine pair in the Cape Canaveral national seashore
    Including one pair that tried to build a nest on the rocket gantry some years back
    Now when it comes to Osprey there like pigeons. They're everywhere the electric company set up nesting polls otherwise they get in the high tension lines cell towers water towers big tall trees they're everywhere
    My son had one in his lot in a tall pine tree
    The only way he could check his lot during chick season was walk around with a stick above his head like an umbrella otherwise That pair what attack if anyone got close And by law you can't touch the nest or the tree
    During the season

  2. Happy Birthday as well and more to come Isn't it fun to be 29 again