Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Do You Keep Christmas??

Please tell me I'm not alone.  I tend to buy presents that I would like to have.  Gift cards are high on my list because you can buy whatever you want.  I really only have about four people to surprise on Christmas, but gift cards are so impersonal ... like a box of socks.

When I saw this unique wine rack from the same guy as the Christmas tree, I thought it might work perfect as a gift.  I would LOVE to get this for Christmas.  So you know what I'm going to do?  I'm going to keep it!!  It fits perfectly into my cowboy kitchen.  Not that I drink a lot of wine, but I think it's Cowboy cute.  Besides, it would cost more than I paid just to get it shipped.  It weighs a ton!!

Of course NOW my problem is replacing it with something resembling a Christmas present.  That's a pretty tall order when the recipient has everything, or like me, just goes and buys whatever they want.  I never know what to get them, so it's really a struggle when I want to keep what I bought for them!!  Life is tough!!  The alternative is a quilt.   Quilt ... wine rack ... quilt .... wine rack.
To make matters worse, I did it again!!  I had a quilt I wasn't thrilled with when I dropped it off at the quilter.  This will be a Christmas present I announced.  Lo and behold, when she was finished, it was magnificent and I couldn't pry it from my fingers to get it in the mailing box.  Maybe if I had in mind to give it away in the beginning, it would have been easier.  Maybe I'm just being selfish.  I can always order another wine rack or make another quilt, although the fabrics are never available the second time around.

Back to zero on the present front, the Quilter gave me THIS great idea.  I was able to purchase all this Christmas fabric at half price.  In less than two hours, I had it cut and stitched together.  I ran back to the quilter who put it on her machine and VOILA!!  Instant Christmas gift.  Of course it took me another four hours to get the binding hand sewn, but quilt (Christmas present) in a day!!!  I wrapped it up and stuffed it in a box before I could change my mind.  
On to number three ... I ordered those gift cards to be shipped to my address.  No use taking any chances.  I thought it was a safe choice since I probably wouldn't keep those.  Actually, one will go in with the quilt.  

I don't buy gift cards often.  Little did I know, now you can walk in to almost any store and pick them up.  No mailing involved.  At Walgreens for Christmas cards .... by the way .... what happened to Christmas cards?  In a section 30 feet long, both sides, there was about two feet of cards for the holiday.  Half of those were in Spanish!!  

Anyway, I found an even bigger rack of GIFT cards.  Since I wanted to get the quilt in the mail as soon as possible, I bought one to send off.  I'll just keep the one coming in the mail.  There I go again .... keeping Christmas.

In the end, I still have one present to go and I have absolutely NO ideas.  These are all long distance presents with mailing involved, so I need to get my act together!!  Today is Magic Kingdom day, I still haven't made it to Modesto, nor have I even made it to the garage to look for that genealogy book.  Seems the faster I go, the behinder I get!!!


  1. I really love the horseshoe items...specially the tree. I could think of a lot of people for that one! The quilt is really nice.....wrap up & keep warm!

    1. I'm a big fan of the horseshoe stuff too. It should stay warm for awhile ... there's more rain in the forecast.