Saturday, December 3, 2016

Spreading Good Cheer!!

Want to have the best day of the week?  Want to spread cheer among the masses?  Want to see some smiling faces?  Do I ever have a deal for you!!  You're going to be amazed, happy, surprised, gladdened and smiling from ear to ear.

No, it's not a free Starbucks card, and I understand completely if you don't want to participate because, you know, Starbucks is a big company that overcharges for coffee.  I do actually like that they take care of their employees trying to get through college however, at least around here.  But here's the thing ... you can pick another location.  Maybe another coffee shop or your local AM-PM.

Here's the plan.  You go into Starbucks and buy a $40 gift card (or however much your wallet can spare) and give it to the Drive-Up Window Cashier ... or just to the cashier, if there is no drive-up.  Tell them to pay for everyone's order until the money is gone.
The look of surprise and the big smile you will get from the cashier alone, is worth every penny.  In no time, the entire Starbucks crew will be involved.  They will be laughing, smiling and best of all, having a really good day at work when maybe it didn't start out that way.

It's all a secret though ... don't tell anyone who did the deed.  I stood just around the corner so I could watch the fun.  I think ten or twelve cars drove through, so depending on what they ordered, Starbucks wasn't that expensive after all.  

The smiles of the crew were nothing compared to the looks of shock and dismay on the faces at the drive-up window.  The cashier said she never had so much fun as when she was telling people their entire order was free.  Some crazy lady was paying for everything.  From the rattled mom with four kids screaming in the back seat to the older gentleman who said thank you and Merry Christmas six times, it made their day.  

Maybe that smile on their face will stay for awhile and infect ten more people.  Maybe when they get home they won't kick the dog.  MAYBE they will even pass along the gesture to other happy recipients.

Try it ... I promise it will put a big smile on YOUR face and a good feeling in your heart!!!  Spread a little good cheer this Christmas!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Carol ... it works great for me, especially since I have very few presents to buy.

  2. some times you see an older Odd couple pinching there penny's to eat out , it's fun to pick up the tab for breakfast in my favorite restaurant the girls love it , plus the couple, 9 times out 10 leave a bigger tip to the waitress so all around it's a win-win situation
    But you're right it does leave you with a pretty good feeling

    1. See ... I'm not the only one to do this! YAY!!! Big ups to you for being so kind.